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Knobby Ridge Speedway Super Late model

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Count me in for 2 my friend!!! 

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Crazy_Canuck 1/13/24

Im in for one...seems I've got a couple of that casting kicking around

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Kingshark 1/17/24

Count me in I've got 'em ready to go already 

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Rusty_Rod 1/24/24

I'd like to enter if there's an available slot,number 4 on my car if possible 

As far as i know open 

Trophy is in

Heck yeah I'm down for this!!! Just one question, could I shave the front fenders and insert a bigger front wheel?

I'll be sending my gasser entry too!

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FPD_Racing 2/12/24

Do we have to request a spot? Do we have to request a number? 
And by that I mean if I HAVE to commit I will, but if I don't get one sent I would hate for you to be counting on it. Secondly, if it isn't fat track and racing several cars at a time what does a number matter? 

  • If it makes you feel better, I did not number my entries. Did not see it in the rules. — Uncle_Elvis
  • Also, I believe it is on a fat track — Uncle_Elvis
  • Ohhhhhh. I didn’t even know he had a fat track. Lol. So now that makes a little more sense — FPD_Racing

I want in

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Willard 2/12/24

I'm in

Ok got a idea is everyone in for drag race it is free I will give trophies top 3 run drag race first then  do the open track  tell what you think ??

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