Last Week in Racing #1

redlinederby Monday, 4/6/2020
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The mail-in scene might be a little slow but the online scene doesn't stop. So we're trying something new and asking YOU to help us put together a weekly roundup of racing from the various YouTube channels doing racing.

Our roundups will cover the previous week in racing so people can get caught up and look forward to what's coming up this week.

Racing March 29 - April 4

Thanks for Kevblokey and madmax for their reporting this week.

Over at My Hot Wheels Collection the The Rapid Response Relay race saw Team Fire win with the Old Number 5.5 and Fire Eater. Also on the channel, the KOTH series continues with their April which saw the Pontiac Rageous take the checkered flag.

Over on the GNR Vintage Diecast Racing channel, the 144 car Elimination Tournament finished up with their finale that saw Hot Wheels Boys (aka Craig Leher) claim victory with the Large Charge / Silver Bullet. 

You can watch all the videos from this report in the playlist below, but please check out each channel for more great diecast racing action.

We need your help

If you run or watch a diecast racing YouTube channel, we need your help getting race results. Use this form to submit your race report for the current week. All you need to do is say who won and paste in a video link. (And if you're running a channel, it's free promotion!)


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Chaos_Canyon 4/14/20

What a great relay set up in the Rapid Response Relay.

I also have a very similar helper during my races ;)

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