Last Week in Racing #3

redlinederby Monday, 4/20/2020
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Welcome to our weekly roundup of YouTube diecast racing. This roundup relies on your reports every week, so please, if you watch or run a diecast racing channel, use this form to share some links. 

Racing April 12 - 18

Thanks for mykemaze and RobertBCFC for their reporting this week.

The RTR Diecast Racing League continued its Duo Series with the Pool B of cars taking to the track. Gina Pop Mayes managed to take home the win driving the Ford GT-40. Follow RTR to get the latest from this series.

Meanwhile, over on the Races And Fun channel, the King Of The Track series kicked off with a great preview of entries. Stay tuned for more racing from this series.


You can watch all the videos from this report in the playlist below, but please check out each channel for more great diecast racing action.

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