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When: Saturday, November 11, 2017

The Summer has come and gone and the season has begun to's time...time to return to a stretch of road in the Heart of North beckons for the Merchants of Speed...come and become a Legend....a Legend of Tobacco Road. This time the Road calls for a slice of Americana...Detroit's calls for American Muscle.

Two classes Stock and Modified will duel it out....Stock vs Stock and Modified vs Modified.   

Rules & Restrictions

  • Weight minimum/maximum- Stock is 55g max w/ dry lubes...Modified 65g max w/ dry lubes and must be drilled rivets 
  • Size restrictions; length and height- American Muscle 1/64 that fits on HW Orange Track
  • Cars per entrant/household- total of Four(4) 2 stock and 2 modified per entrant, but entrants can race in just one class if preferred.
  • Brand, body style, year, make/model- Any Brand is allowed just watch weight and be an American Muscle Car. Years are 1954 to Present....exception is Corvette cut off is 1980's Corvette .
  • Wheel limitations-NA 
  • Stock cars allowed-Yes but 55g max
  • Must be drilled rivets-Yes, on Modified entrants
  • Dry lubes only-Yes, both Stock and Modified
  • Miscellaneous - Any Question about a Car Type or Rule PM me


HW Goodies...Certificate acknowledging your Win and a small Trophy 

How to enter

PM me for Shipping Address

Are there any entry or shipping fees? If you want your cars back send appropriate $$$$

Let your intentions be known in the thread...with Pics!!!

Where to send your cars

^^^See Above^^^

Don't forget to print an ID card with your entry

Entry deadline

November 11th 2017

Scoring and Winning

 Must win Two in a Row to Advance to the next round and be claimed Champion


 Just make weight and fit on the track and your good to go.

Tracks & Dates

 Tobacco Road

November 11th - 13th

Winners and Results

Video will tell the tale on Tobacco Road.

That's awesome LO$. Looking forward to it. 1 Question: is it going to be a straight drop track? and what length is it 1/8 mi or 1/4 mi?

Little over a scale 1/4 mile straight drag.....check out past races and watch the videos from Legends of Tobacco Road - The Funny Cars.....same track. Hope to have you racing with us!!!

Tobacco Road - 21' 1 3/4" from Start to Finish, 5' Drop - 4' to top of Transition and 1' from top of Transition to Run Out, Run Out - 16' 1 3/4", Drop Height - 29", 3D Botmaker 2 Lane Start Gate and Finish Line.

Tobacco Road beckons.........

The Car Culture 70 Charger and the Hot Johnny Camaro will be looking to make the cut in the Modified Class.

I dont know why I love that Camaro so much, but I do! Looks awesome.
Thanks...JL Spoiler Series w/ HW FTE

We have a lot of fast to decent stock Muscle Cars in our collection, so we started speed testing tonight pre-graphite. I told the girls...don't choose because it's a favorite car of yours, let's get it down to eight (8) best cars and then we will have a lottery like we did with the Funny Cars and then will send them to the Graphite Bay and be ready to race with our eight (8) best stockers. I have to build a few more mods before we have the Modified Lottery, but I've got time....hopefully the two (2) I sent out to Utah for the Mustang vs Camaro will be in the mix, however, The Lady of Speed may race the Hot Johnny Camaro come hell or high water...she likes that car a lot.

It's also great that the track is already built this go round...more attention and time can be spent on the cars!!!

Definitely count me in for the stock division ... I've got the perfect contender for that! I might even put graphite on a couple old slow modifieds and throw them in for the heck of it, but we'll see. Might not be worth the cost of shipping....

Glad your going to be racing with us again....just check the weight on the Stock Division
Thanks! But ohhhh, don't worry--fifty-five grams should work just fine!

I'll see if I can get something together for this race...I should be able to come up with something 

Sounds great...two divisions stock and modified...hope to have you racing with us!!!

One ready...

Nice one TE

Sweet Firebird!!!

Yes it is!

Sharp Firebird, TE!

There was a super tough looking first gen Firebird running Drag Week this year...I'll try to find a pic of it

thanks, working on a second car later

White with red and blue striping?

Another one in the chamber...

Ah yes, the Chevelle!!!! I've got a Chevelle SS in the pipeline as well. Looking Good TE!!! 

Building up the Mods for future races...these are being seasoned after initial graphite application.

Hot Wheels Matchbox diecast cars

The 69 Dodge Charger 500 vying to make it into the Legion of Speed's 8 car Modified Lottery.

Hot Wheels Matchbox diecast cars

I'm the only one that knows which cars are 1-8 for the Lottery
LeagueofSpeed yes, I don't take the fastest for myself...I can still get the fastest through the lottery though

We are a little over a month out...hope to see a lot of you on Tobacco Road...get to working on your Muscles  (stole that one from CC Rider )!!!

I should get to these guys a little later today. They are drilled, just need wheels and weight. That Maxi Taxi has been on my workbench for years!

Love ' em!!!

A very wise man once told that 'in order to build fast cars, you have to make a lot of slow ones first", that's what I did this past weekend...built two slow looking, but slow! 

We'll see... might be playing possum...
Ha, yeah...I don't know if these guys will even get sent in...slow
Okay, so it turns out...with a little tweaking, the Corvette is fairly quick. Maxi is still slow though

It has been a long while since I last entered an event on RLD, but I hope to make it for this one :D

would love to have you racing with us

Can a stock car have drilled rivets?  Easier to paint that way. Nothing else but paint.:)

Can't even test, track hadda come down and who knows when it will return. 

Have some cars pre painted up sorta like this that have not been modded. but rivets are drilled and would need JB Weld to put back together.

Stalker and Mcjiggles... starting to feel like old times...

Yes, you can drill to paint the car.

League of Speed - I am hoping to make this race. Thanks for the goodies. I have had a lot going on.

glad you liked them and hope to see you on The Road
I gonna try to run 2 ponchos will post photos soon
If memory serves...that would be two Pontiacs

My two candidates are Thunderbirds. A good start to refreshing some of my modding skills.

I don't think I'd call a Thunderbird a Muscle car.

What year model of Thunderbird are you its early days...maybe, but later it was clearly in Fords luxury car Dad owned a Ford dealer ship for 20 years...late 60's to late 80's.

90s T-Birds were muscle cars. They were physically and aesthetically like Fox Body Mustangs. Windsor 5.0 V8 engine and two door fastback layout.

Okay...I'll accept those.
I had a 93 T-Bird Black w/ Black leather interior w/ the 5.0 was a nice ride.
The Blue one is a NASCAR type body and not a Street type body....but I'll let it slide just this once.

Going to mod up the Chevelle SS and 71 Mach 1 this week and Outlaw Racing is bringing their cars in this weekend...race is getting close!!!

What's the best way to pack a car to mail without messing up the epoxy holding the axles?

I cut a card that was with a car to fit a blister pack that the cars will fit into...and then secure car inside blister, then tape the edges of the blister pack onto the now cut make a normal card the size of a short card basically and re-tape the blister pack to the card. Then pack them snug in a box and ship. Modder's......slap some graphite on some decent stocks and send them in as well, I'll be racing in both classes.

Working on the Soundtrack for the's starting to amp up around here...people anxious for the return of Tobacco Road....WK Ride RT coming over this weekend with Outlaw Racing in town...going to be hitting the test track and prepping for the race .....starting to Feel the Need...the Need for Speed!!!!

I'm not even sure why I had this one taken apart, but I found it on my, I'll see if I can make it faster than Maxi

It looks "well loved" for sure.

Got the Chevelle SS torn down...wheels sanded and the body stripped and primed. Get the body painted today and the axels and chassis polished.

Bro-Law is bringing an all metal 65 Mustang with him...thinks it's from last years or the year before, HW 4th of July castings....he got a CS Fire Eater that he believes will match-up axel wise. We will tear it down this weekend and get it ready before he heads back home to Charlotte NC. 

One mighty fine piece of American Muscle...The Chevelle SS 


Hot Wheels Matchbox diecast cars


Weighs in a 59.5g


  • 2 Ponchos Pedro - 1 stock = GTO, 1 custom = Firebirdy


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