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Numbskull Monday, 1/22/2024



Great era for racing design!

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dr_dodge 1/22/24


I love the beast of turin

a zepplin engine with a car around it



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dr_dodge 1/23/24

The beast, Fiat s76
All motor 
28.3 liters,  or in redneck, 1,730 cu in
300 hp @ 1800 rpm
imagine the break things torque it has

back when men were real brave...lol

extremely cool! I love those cars

I was always a fan of the early years of auto racing and land speed runs! So many cool cars and homemade designs built with a purpose!

This one has a unique back story...

digging up history!

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Vulfgang 1/28/24

Triple threat. 

W25 has been my favorite race car ever!


Top Speed: 380kph (236mph) 

I don't see many of the 50s through today's cars go that fast!

  • my dad had a slot car like this back in the '60's... love the style! — Stoopid_Fish_Racing
  • I had a rubber band engine wind up toy like it too! — LottaSpeedRacing
  • This open wheel style ruled Indy racing. Its body kept getting lower and more aerodynamic over the years. One exception was the 1955 Vuckovich Streamliner AKA hot wheels Turbolence. The car caused quite a sensation but never raced. — Vulfgang
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dr_dodge 2/11/24

Another weird one;


I visited his garage after he passed away

amazing to walk a shop of history


Here is a great snapshot of some historic touring car race cars that have graced the Aussie landscape!

Racing at Bathurst. Vid only 5 minutes. And don't forget to check out Bathurst Diecast Racing Youtube Channel, where one can see Numbskull tackling this fast paced outdoor track!

Cheers Marc D


  • watched the races at bathtube...lol the racing is pretty great on the concrete slab — dr_dodge
  • That -- is awesome. — Numbskull
  • love this! Thanks for sharing mate! — Stoopid_Fish_Racing

Who will be the first to host an open wheel throwback custom build rally race?


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