Lighting kits for Hot Wheels

WidowmakerRun Saturday, 6/27/2020

I found this online while searching for adding lights to hotwheels.

Not too expensive and makes it super easy to install.

I will add my cars here in a few weeks after I add the lights.


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redlinederby 6/27/20
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I've been thinking about lights lately too. Just thought I could add an LED attached to a flat CR32 battery and be done and figure out a little switch of some sort...but those are much nicer and cheap too.

Only thing is figuring out how to get all those guts in the car while still allowing room for weight and such. Wonder how much all the lighting weighs?

I was thinking of doing a completely lights out tournament with just the hot wheels headlights on.  I think it would be cool to see.

  • My thought was to just do a single LED out the bottom for some ground effects...less guts maybe then too. — redlinederby
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Chaos_Canyon 6/29/20

The bigger problem you're likely to have with a lights out race is massive amounts of noise in your video - better to add a fake 'night' like 3D does (I'm presuming) by adding a blended layer over the top to darken things down, so you still see the action and a bit of the cars but the headlights etc stand out more

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