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CrzyTrkrDude Saturday, 5/2/2015

Again, not affiliated with the fellow at Lamely Group in any way... Just wanting to share the latest addition they started today... Maybe something posted there one day will come in handy here. 

ENJOY!!  It looks promising.


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CrzyTrkrDude 12/6/15

I just stumbled onto this post again, and realized this site hasn't been updated since Sept.

  The story behind it is:

  The three friends of ( Lamley Group Dude) for some reason or another unknown to myself,  who were gonna take turns (I guess) creating a page of photos gathered from here and there, and their favorite submissions from custom builders throughout the week, somehow stopped.

HOWEVER!!  This created a much better venue, because he created on instagram # Lamelycustoms.  Where everyone sends all their best stuff.

I check it out a couple times a day!!


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