Link: My Custom Hot Wheels, custom how-tos

Eastbound357 Monday, 4/4/2016

My Custom Hot Wheels


I found this website a thought everyone can find something new to learn to bring there modding to the next level.

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redlinederby 4/4/16
Site manager

Very cool, thanks for the link. Some really great tutorials there and I love the shelf diorama! Now that gives me some ideas...a shelf is the solution for everything...your track, your diorama, your cars...

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aircooled 4/4/16

Thanks for posting the links.  I've already learned some new ways to make doing Mods easier.

Thanks for sharing my link and for the great feedback Eastbound357 :D And you are right RedlineDerby - the shelf is the ultimate solution - certainly keeps my 6 and 8 year old away.... "you must be taller than this line to play" kinda deal ;)

  • Welcome to the site! Your work is truly inspiring. Everyone, follow him on Instagram too! — redlinederby
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