LO Life Proving Grounds

KPS_Kustomz Thursday, 3/30/2023

Ladies and Gentlemen it's finally happenin...The LO LiFE:Valley of the Bexars Rally Raceway is slowly coming together! An accident in 2020 put me out for a few years, but we're back now! It's 2023 and the Main track is finally under construction!


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FeralPatrick 3/30/23

A fellow Minnesotan? Glad to see you're getting back into the hobby. Have an ope day!

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KPS_Kustomz 3/31/23

No brother...my wife and I are from the Central Coast in California. Thank you, unfortunately, I am not sure how to make and maintain, cool racing videos on YouTube like a lot of the guys and gals on this site! So this is going to be a private track for races between us and our LO Life Family! 

That license plate is from my grandma's old car...she passed in 2007!

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