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Mad Max Halloween Race

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Badass points: was a 5 way tie for first and a 3 way tie for second.

So.....2, 3, 7, 11 & 13 get a point.  5, 23 & 86 each get a half point.  Points apply to each race.

Points for second race were 1 for each win in the winners bracket incl. the final race vs. winner of losers bracket.

Final points leaders.....

First Race + Second Race + Style + Axle 

MHFC #23 = 4+2+1+2 = 9

Crzy #2      = 4+1+2+0 = 7

MHFC #19  = 1+5+0+0 = 6

Finkle #86  = 4+0+1+0 = 5

Finkle #9    = 1+2+0+2 = 5

HSL #7       = 2+1+2+1 = 5

  • hole shot says thank you, great job hosting — fordman

So, I win.  The big prize for me was hosting these great cars....and the 20 bucks I save not having to buy anyone a copy of Fury Road ;)

The cars are great and I feel like those that participated should see some other cars close up.  So everyone who's having their cars gets something extra.  

2nd place crzytrkrdude takes home Hole Shot #3 and the tractor-trailer (prize donated by C10).

With two cars tied for 4th Finkle takes home Hole Shot #7 and a 007 Mustang (didn't know there was such a thing, donated by crzytrkrdude).

A little further back Redlinederby gets Hole Shot #5.

With a shocking lack of points as I'd have pegged his car as a likely winner, Delta6 takes home Chevy C10's hauler entry.

And don't worry, I get a lil something too.  Donated by Delta, I'm taking the Gassers - because I have none and they're sure to come up in a future race - and the Ford hot rod cause it's all metal and I want it and I won :)

To those that are receiving Hole Shot's cars, I won't feel put out if you re-gift them as a future prize...they are really intricate and well done and more people should see them.

  • Congratulations! Thanks for hosting and sharing the loot! — Finkle_and_Sons

What a fun race.  Thanks for making this happen, Mo.

Found out about this hobby a few months ago.  I was going to a van run that had a Hot Wheels race as one of the events.  Emailed RLD to get his take on what stock vans are fast.  Once I learned about this Mad Max inspired race I knew this was a hobby I could get into! 

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redlinederby 11/10/15
Site manager

Big THANKS for Mo for setting this up and running the races. It was new territory in many ways, from the theme to the track. Video was great to see all the chaos that just matched up perfect with the theme.

I think we should make this an annual event every Fall so we can all improve our monster creations and see how they do on other tracks too. It'll only get better!

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CrzyTrkrDude 11/10/15

THANK YOU. Great job Mo, and Mrs Mo!!  

Frankly, I'm surprised the thing even rolled at all.  LOL



Thanks again, Mo.  Great race and it was nice of you to share the winnings.  Loved seeing Hole Shot's work in person.  Wow, what a great build!

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MoHasAFastCar 11/19/15

Glad you guys enjoyed it.  Would love to make an annual monster car race.  I call dibs hosting again next Halloween.

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