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Mad Max Halloween Race

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Fun videos.  Misfits were a perfect sonic fit.

Definitely need a better camera for slow mo.  The image quality isn't the greatest at a high frame rate.

Anyway, the results were...point for every winner, if no finisher, furthest along the track was declared the winner:

Heat 1:  Crazy #2, 3 points.  Mo #19, 1 point.  Hole Shot#7, 1 point.  Hole Shot advances on the tiebreaker.

Heat 2:  Finkle #86, 2 points.  Mo #17, 1 point.  Redline #11, 1 point.  Hole Shot #3, 1 point.  Hole Shot advanced on the tie breaker.

Heat 3: Hot Shot #5, 2 points.  Mo #23, 1 point.  Finkle #9, 1 point.  The extra car, Grease Rod, also got a point but was excluded from the tiebreaker....which Mo advanced after.

Championship: Hole Shot #7 and Crazy #2 each got a point.  Mo #23 and Finkle #86 get 2 points.  Mo won the 3 race final run, 1 point.

Axle points: Mo#23 and Finkle #9 each get 1 additional point.  C10 only has two functional axles, but three more on his creation.

Style points TBD.

Thanks for watching.  The outside lanes were definitely the safest, if you could get past the carnage in the middle you stood a good chance regardless of speed.  I ran each heat with each car having a shot at each track position.  

High center of gravity is often a weakness on open tracks but it was especially so this time.  Despite the extra sanding, wheels still grip fairly well if you get sideways and that can lead to tipping.  Also, high centers had a higher likelihood of going over if they hit the wall.

The final two, Finkle and me, are not the fastest, but had some luck and for Finkle I believe a lot of stability.  His car isn't a straight runner so he was a troublemaker and it did well keeping speed and down track momentum after collisions with others or the wall.  Looks like I won one of the finals cause I was a smidge faster and escaped his attack.

Crzy got some wins by being a really straight runner and just driving past the crashes.  

Some more close up pictures for voting.

Hole Shot Lizzotte #5

Delta6 #29

redlinederby #11

Finkle #13

MoHasAFastCar #19

Finkle #9

Hole Shot Lizzotte #3

crzytrkrdude #2

72_Chevy_C10 #31

MoHasAFastCar #23

Finkle #86

Hole Shot Lizzotte #7

MoHasAFastCar #17

Vote early, vote often.  You have three votes.  Post them in this thread, or PM them to me.  Since we had not volunteers for non-partisan vote counting, I will get all Florida-style on the punch cards.

It's hard to pick, I know we say it all the time, but all of these clearly have some thought and time into them.  You're all winners...until a few days from now when some of you will not be winners.

Voting closes when I post video from the orange drag.  Sometime late Saturday or Sunday.

  • sent my 3 votes in a PM. — CrzyTrkrDude
  • I'll vote publicly since I'm counting them. Crzy #2, Finkle #13, and redline #11 — MoHasAFastCar
  • Man, people really did put together some crazy rides. #3, 7 and 11 would be my picks. — Finkle_and_Sons

These are post race photos.  Not a lot of  major damage needing repair except to mine.  The "speakers" and one of the tailpipes on my pseudo Doofwagen came off and the grill in #19 came loose...I did see the tailpipe bouncing in one of the videos, but don't remember what I did with it.  One of the screens from Finkle's #13 seems to be missing, sorry, didn't see what became of that.

There were A Lot of black paint chips on the track.  IMHO adds to the "patina" in most of these builds.

Delta 6 - your truck is only balancing on 3 wheels, but wheels are not loose or noticeably that a build problem, damage, or by design?  I know lots of pinebox cars run on 3 wheels by design.  Let me know if you want anything done.

  • Nah, let it roll. Thanks. — delta6
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CrzyTrkrDude 11/5/15


Since this was an unlimited weight race, thought you might like to know the weigh in grams

Hole Shot Lizzotte #7 - 64.9

Hole Shot Lizzotte #5 - 66.1

Hole Shot Lizzotte #3 - 42.5

Finkle #86 - 81.9

Finkle #9 - 57.4

Finkle #13 - 62.4

MoHasAFasrCar #19 - 66.0

MoHasAFastCar #17 - 65.6

MoHAFastCar #23 - 70.4

72 Chevy C10 #31 - 92.5

Redlinederby #11 - 76.5

Delta 6 #29 - 107.2

crzytrkrdude #2 - 57.6

If I could get a couple more votes today that would be great....

  • not in the race but hole shot's split '55 gets my vote [if applicable] — fordman
  • pm'd my votes — Traction-Event
  • Hey, Mr Smitty... you get 2 more votes, unless you meant split the 3 for Hole Shots 3. — CrzyTrkrDude
  • You don't have to be in the race to vote — MoHasAFastCar

Final race is done.  Door closing on style votes.  vote NOW.

And here is the orange track race.  I didn't notice until race time that one car's front axle had come it didn't do so well.  I didn't have time to fix it then, but did fix this morning and re-ran his portion of the bracket for an alternate history.  Points will be assigned for both realities.  There were a couple others that didn't quite fit the track, performance suffered.

  • whole family involved...good stuff! — Traction-Event
  • GREAT JOB!! AWESOME STUFF! I like the real speed and the short match up shots!! ( uses less phone data!! lol) — CrzyTrkrDude
  • THANKS MAN!! — CrzyTrkrDude
  • The cat was way more interested this go-around! — Finkle_and_Sons

Bracket and final points will be up tomorrow.  Was a semi-random double elimination bracket...I re-drew for the slot if anyone was racing themself in the first round.

Thanks again everyone.

  • Thanks for all the hard work making this thing happen! — Finkle_and_Sons

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