Make magazine Hot Wheels mod contest

redlinederby Friday, 1/11/2019
Site manager

Just got wind of that Make magazine had a Hot Wheels mod/custom contest. Did anyone here enter? Shame I didn't hear about this sooner, I would have posted and maybe had some RLDers give it a shot. If you did, share your photos and your story.

The entries aren't bad but...I mean...we do better :) Plus ours actually roll. Some of these look like they're just fixed and art for the sake of art. 

Full article at Make magazine


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Jav74 1/11/19

Some cool looking stuff. I would bet that most are not at all meant to move let alone race. It’s like applying styrene model kit bashing practices on a much smaller scale. It’s fun. But thanks to you people here, I’d rather make them run and look cool enough doing it. I don’t win races and my details are quite rusty but I like customizing my race entries as much as possible. 

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