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dr_dodge Tuesday, 9/12/2023

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While looking for cars randomly,

I found some cool track with crappy plastic trucks at the Dollar Tree

I am gonna see if it will build into something joust/drag

ya don't need more space, just tiny-er cars...lol

all my micro machines roll down it, just not fast

some cool stuff that I bought to make sidewalks out of
(which I plan on still)

going back and buying it all, and asking if they got a box in the back

maybe I'll put "sidewalks" down the whole bypass bridge

what scale is a micro?

found out, 1:160, and I can pull 10 ft (if I can get enough...lol)

thats 1600',  a short 1/4 on the sidewalks

(by the way the straights are only 2" long)

lovin' this




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looks like a fun project!


F'D Racing

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SpyDude 9/13/23

1:160 is N scale, in case you were interested.
Good score on the tracks.

  • oh, I forgot that, even more interesting — dr_dodge
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dr_dodge 9/13/23

Good evening,

this tiny track has stupid potential,

and micro machines are re-issuing, the death star (amazon) even has them

and well, that made the old stuff drop on ebay

I figured, if a car has enough speed to joust it will drag race testing,

but for now a joust with jams

(and questions, ask away)



  • just went to dollar tree, (insert evil laugh here) — dr_dodge
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dr_dodge 9/17/23

12' total, just short of 2,000 feet in scale

wood work is done, now peg the track down and tune

it also comes apart into 5 pieces (in theory...lol)

cars in the infield made it there

fun stuff

birth of a raceway   the 1/160 dragway

the 1/160o dragway


a whole 'nuther class of cars to try to tune...

there WILL be races

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dr_dodge 9/17/23

built a tiny launcher,

testing going well,

these things haul on this track

this project is out of control,

It takes over 400 pieces to make the track,

staging lanes (drying)

and track end/crash box at the end

only running the emergeny vehicles out of the pack I bought,

I may try a fantasy semi finals

back to screwing and gluing...lol


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dr_dodge 9/17/23

next vid

I like this thing, anyone wanna race some micro machines?



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dr_dodge 3/14/24

Well an update.

after lots of messing around, this track was a failure.

MM do not behave like HW/MB/Mods.

first, their mass is so low, they have no real inertia.

They also don't do fast accel well, either.

So I decided to make a pink foam track, including road surface.  The first coats of glue/paint gave very good test results.  I mave tried to build and video during it, which I am not used to.

The next question, if it works would people watch it? Build cars? who Knows?

2" pink foam  is open track MM, or a nice fat  2" wide single 1/64,

"saw out" a rally track? unsure...



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dr_dodge 3/17/24

Editing the 2nd build video 
but for now,

The new Drag Strip works amazing.  

I made a short vid.   
Start Gate is DIY "reverse canadian"  (a moto that flips up) but uses the string like CC's




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dr_dodge 4/1/24

these came today, gonna do a review and drag race
the grills on the GM cars are real good,
I'll crack them open on camera and see who is the fastest
team Bugi  vs vintage GM
but let's see who is fastest!


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dr_dodge 4/23/24

A full build video

any questions, ask away!



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dr_dodge 6/7/24

filmed my first complete event

street muscle vs exotica



  • excellent! Some of them move along pretty well! — Stoopid_Fish_Racing
  • yea, I was suprised, and they dart crazy, they are "out of the box" no mods or lube — dr_dodge
  • rustbelt on YouTube has a great video on modifying micro machines if you are interested in it. I have modded a few and man do they get fast! — Jezter
  • I just looked those up, cool racin', too — dr_dodge

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