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Moontower Muscle *FULL*

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If a spot opens up I'd like to be in.

Thank you!

Sign us up for a backup spot please!

Add me please if any spot opens 

He'll... I'll send mine just because Cuz...

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Uncle_Elvis 3/9/24

1. When are the cars actually due?

2. Does this track have the rally jumps? 

Probably way too late, but I'd love a spot if one opens up

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PuffsRacing 3/10/24

Any spot available I'll take 1

  • It’s full up sir! But looking forward to seeing you in VGW and beyond! — Live_Young_Diecast
  • Ty sir. Most definitely will be in that event — PuffsRacing

Hot Wheels Wiki says the Z-28 is based on the 1978-1982 version, so I hope this meets regulation.

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johnson9195 4/23/24

Ready to go:

I'm ready to send but don't yet have the address, could anyone be so kind as to DM me the entry shipping address so I can get mine sent?

Damn. I missed it completly... perhaps next time! I'm really looking forward to the track and racing. From this picture i'm feeling remembered to a verry great track ! 

  • Rats!! Me too!! How did we miss this one? Next one for sure!! — G_ForceRacing
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Numbskull 5/21/24

I am a turtle.

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