Mustang Summer - Philly Style!

WorpeX Tuesday, 7/23/2019

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Welcome Racers!

The cars are here in Philadelphia and we're getting ready to race!

One thing to note before we start, in the interest of time, I will not be able to video the first round of racing. So, think of the first round as a qualifier for the video rounds. Win that and you'll see it race!

Anyway, pictures! Lets get to some pictures. We'll start with an unboxing picture...

A picture of the raceway. I've added a few extra bits to make the track a little bit longer. A few iconic WorpeX Racing cars will watch the action during the racing.

I had to take this picture. I can't belive Brian sent his iconic RLD mustang in for this event!! I had to photograph it next to the face of WorpeX Racing! Both of our cars look pretty well raced over the years!

Anyway, thats all for now. Next post will be of group 1!


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LeagueofSpeed 7/23/19
Event coordinator

Just's must win two in a row to best out of three.

Looking forward to the racing action!!!

I'm a SKOL VIKINGS fan so that 1st picture is disrespectful.

  • Well when cars come to MN you can show off your Vikings gear! — WorpeX
  • I'm in SD — SavageSpeeder
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WorpeX 7/23/19

Group 1 Results

Wow, these cars are FAST. Only 1 car couldn't keep up with its opponent... but it was against one of the tournament leaders so I think it gets a pass. Anyway, some pictures before we get to results!!

All the cars, sorted numerically:

Match-ups for this group stage with the bracket. Cars are placed next to their opponent. All matches were randomized using

And finally... the results...

I used the Redline Derby match grading system from Eons ago to give everyone a good idea on how the race went. For those unfamiliar with the system, here is how it goes:

D Grade: Very close back and forth match with both cars winning on at least one lane.

C Grade: Close race, cars were side-by-side down the track (less than 1 car length) but the result was 2-0.

B Grade: Margin of victory greater than 1 car length but less than 2 car lenths. Still close, but a clear winner determined.

A Grade: A blow out win of greater than 2 car lengths.

16 vs 25 - C

37 vs 29 - C

1 vs 40 - C

61 vs 5 - B

32 vs 45 - C

24 vs 49 - C

20 vs 53 - D

41 vs 13 - D

64 vs 28 - B

4 vs 57 - D

60 vs 17 - B

56 vs 8 - C

33 vs 9 - B

44 vs 21 - D

36 vs 52 - A

12 vs 48 - B

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redlinederby 7/24/19
Site manager

Nice shot of my old Mustang has been through a lot. It even lived as a keychain for a while! Take care of her!

  • A shame it can't seem to keep up with these crazy modded mustangs. The RLD mobile is massively underweight in comparison. :( — WorpeX
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WorpeX 7/24/19

Group 2 Round 1 Results

Good news and bad news to start off with. Two cars were damaged during shipping in this group. Car number 26 had its windows collapse into itself and car number 47 lost a puppy sticker. The good news is that neither of these damages affected their speeds and both cars did wins their rac- oops, maybe I shouldn't have said that!

Before I spoil more races, lets post a few pictures... Here is a group photo of group 2:

And match-ups for group 2:

And finally... the results:

23 vs 2 - C

26 vs 19 - C

50 vs 51 - B

14 vs 6 - C

22 vs 18 - D

31 vs 38 - B

10 vs 47 - B

11 vs 15 - D

3 vs 34 - A

59 vs 39 - C

35 vs 30 - B

27 vs 54 - B

46 vs 7 - C

42 vs 55 - B

43 vs 58 - D

62 vs 63 - D

Quick question for folks before proceeding. Would you prefer the rest of the tournament be done through video's or should I keep doing daily updates with pictures like this instead? The drawback to videos is it will take me a long time to get the remaining results posted as making them is time consuming. If I do that, I would likely race everything with footage and just send the cars to the next destination before even starting to edit it all together. We'd be looking at 1-2 weeks before the remaining results are posted.

  • I vote for the video, even if you don’t edit it like red pill did. — NastiNatiRacing
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41-14 7/24/19

I’d prefer to see video of the races. It’s the excitement of the cars racing down the track. Posted results are just not the same. 

  • Short videos of each group and round until it gets manageable with the later rounds. Limit your editing to the bare minimum — 41-14
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WorpeX 7/24/19

Fair enough, videos it is! I figured i'd ask since there will be a bit of silence between this round and the next! You've all been warned! I promise it'll be worth it.

Since videos are still happening, im also going to do a "mid tournament break" as well. I'll be placing 1 car from the 10 teams who didn't make it past round 1 against 10 cars and we'll see who wins. Mustang's or! Figure this is a way for teams who didn't make it to the video rounds to still see their cars, and I get a chance to race mine ;)

LeagueOfSpeed - Can you get me the address of the next stop? I'm going to finish up racing ASAP and get these cars off to the next destination hopefully by monday.


  • Only eagle primes cars are eligible anyway. My track wont damage the cars and the stop box works great. There hasn't been any wear and tear during round 1 on any cars. Plus, the eligible cars are from teams with cars who haven't won. Figured it was a chance for them to see their cars race more. But they're your cars, I wont race eagle primes cars again — WorpeX
  • cool thanx. It's just the more they run the more the cars speeds fall off. — SavageSpeeder
  • Race mine all you want my car's seem to get faster with more runs so go for it run them a lot — NDeavers80
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WorpeX 7/26/19

No results to show today, but I figured i'd post some pictures.

 Best In Show!

There are some really really cool cars that were sent in! Below are picutures of the 3 cars that take home best of show in Philly. I just love the look of these and you can tell there was a lot of time spent making them look great.

Honorable Mentions: 47 (If the dog sticker didn't get ripped off by the packing tape, It would easily have been in this group), 5 (Stock paint job but oh man is it nice.. and those white wheels make it look sharp!), 19 (Another stock paint job but man, where did you find this beauty!!?)

3rd: 7 - Summitt Racers
No custom paint job on this bad boy, but it didn't really need it. Instead, summit decided they wanted big tires. No, actually, they didn't even want big tires. THEY WANTED HUGE TIRES!!! Okay, maybe there really isn't anything super impressive going on here, but the "aged" look of the body mixed with these awesome racer wheels makes it look so mean!

2nd: 23 - Dixie Chicks Racing
-Dixie Chicks sent in two awesome custom painted cars but this one is my favorite. The Sparkle purple mixed with the forest green makes for a car which looks a bit strange at first glance, but I quickly fell in love! They didn't stop there though. They threw REDLINES onto this! Dixie Chicks weren't messing around this tournament; they wanted to win with style!!

1st: 32 - 72 Chevy C10
-Even Mattel hasn't been able to master the technique of fading two colors together seemlessly (look at their recent Guaczilla, ugh). 72 Chevy however, made it look easy. These two colors could have looked great by themselves, but together? It captures a "midnight racer" feeling perfectly and looks outstanding! Oh, and did I mention it has a Chrysler 300C base? Everything about this car is perfection.

Half-time Show Preview

Mustang Summer against WorpeX Racing! 9 Cars, 9 races (bo3). Whichever side wins more takes home the victory! From the mustangs, they may not have had a great tournament showing, but these cars are geared up for speed and don't intend to lose to some team who didn't even make it into the tournament! From WorpeX Racing, 4 of my favorite mods, my 2 fastest Mustangs, 2 cars from the recent LifeLine Tournament and the fastest FTE on this track! 

Match-ups are facing each other in the picture below...

Edit: Messed up the above image, correct cars are displayed now.

  • Thanks so much, WorpeX! I'm glad you like it! — 72_Chevy_C10

Thanks for the best in show 3rd place, my boys from Summit Racers and I had a ton of fun building that Mustang Stocker, and yes we wanted HUGE WHEELS! We think it’s the best looking out of the four cars from Cincinnati and actually ended up on being our fastest one. 

  • Oh yeah, its quick. I haven't finished racing yet (should be done this weekend), but I can say its making a great run so far! — WorpeX
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WorpeX 7/28/19

Racing for Mustang Summer has officially concluded here in Philadelphia! Cars are all packed up in their bubble wrap baggies and the box is sealed and ready to be sent off to Ohio! I plan to get them in the mail on Tuesday and will be working hard on videos in the meantime.

I had an absolute blast running these, thanks everyone for sending cars in and letting me race them down my track! I hope in the future my living situation will be more perminant and the track will look nicer. Hopefully i'll get better recording tools by then too. Anyway, enough rambling, just because I have finished racing doesn't mean Mustang Summer has concluded here in Philly... you know whats next...

Round of 32 Results

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WorpeX 7/29/19

Round of 16 Results

  • Pretty good racing, we are crossing our fingers Summit Racing’s car can keep up with the usual suspects. — NastiNatiRacing

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