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Mustang Summer - Philly Style!

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WorpeX 7/29/19

Round of 16 Results

  • Pretty good racing, we are crossing our fingers Summit Racing’s car can keep up with the usual suspects. — NastiNatiRacing
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WorpeX 7/30/19

Intermission - Mid Tournament Break

Before the Mustang Summer 2019 Finals began, we took a break and brought out the 9 teams who didn't make it out of the RO64 to race again. Their opponent is none other than the track host, WorpeX!

I do really hope everyone appreciates this, it did take a bit of extra time to do, but it was a ton of fun! I'm glad I got to video at least one race from all the teams and the races were great! I know I would have been real upset if I sent these cars to OH without seeing how my cars perform against them.

Anyway, here it is, enjoy!

In other news, the cars have been shipped to OH today.

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WorpeX 7/31/19

Well, there has been mostly silence in this thread since I started posting videos, but heres the final episode. For the few people who seem to actually be watching the videos and commenting, thank you, you made my day.

  • Thx for hosting and really appreciate you putting in the extra effort to edit and show the videos. Please don’t take this the wrong way. But in races such as this where a fraction of a second is the difference between winning and losing. Every little factor contributes to those results. I noticed some of the races cars were placed in the gate on an angle and that’s all it takes for a loss. Just some FYI to improve the fairness of the races. — 41-14
  • I know what you're referring to, that last race of 41 vs 36 looked bad on camera. That was on purpose, sort of. I actually cut some footage out of that race, they went back and forth for a long time. I started to line them up differently to try and get a different result. That race was supposed to be both of the cars lined up on an angle but, looking at the race in editing, I don't think I got 36 on enough of an angle compared to 41. Didn't notice it while racing, think I was just relieved the race was over haha. It was an insanely close match-up, sorry I messed up the end there! — WorpeX
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41-14 8/1/19

Been here all along and thx for having the summer series in Philly. Great job on the editing 

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LeagueofSpeed 8/1/19
Event coordinator

Great job hosting and thanks for running the Stangs!!! Hope to see you in next Summer's series.

Peace and Speed - League of Speed 

  • Thanks for running the event LoS! — WorpeX
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Go_Time 8/1/19

Great videos, and great racing!  Thank you for hosting.

  • Congrats Go Time! Your 'stang didn't lose once while here, that thing is FAST! — WorpeX
  • It didn't even lose on the near lane! That lane was slightly slower during the whole event but that stang didn't care. — WorpeX

The Summit Racer boys are extremely happy with this stop, it’s the farthest we have ever come in a elimination race. Thanks for hosting! 

  • I love that car, im glad it raced so well! If it had been in the other bracket I wonder if it coulda made the finals. I believe it got the closest to beating the red go-time stang! — WorpeX

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