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My 'Sweet 16' Redlines build thread

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The painting process is going to be a little tough to show because it is a slow build-up of paint to get the color to where you want it.

This is the first coat of Olive color paint on the Custom Cougar. It looks almost gold in this pic, but there is a little green to it. I'll let this sit until tomorrow night and I'll lay on some more paint...and, the color will get a lot deeper as I go.

One down...

I can't tell you how happy I am with this...

This is where is started out...

I don't think I'll do the black roof...they could have come either way, and I'm kinda liking the all olive look.

I'm not sure what I'm painting next...I have a couple gold cars to do, a Firebird and an Eldorado...or maybe the red Mustang. Either way, I need to clean my airbrush first!

  • Pretty Work!!! Now get your Corvettes Ready!!! — LeagueofSpeed
  • Man that is a nice job!Thanks for sharing.. — Rusty
  • Ha! They are sitting on my desk! — 72_Chevy_C10
  • Bitchin' - Love that green color. — redlinederby

A couple more cars finished up this weekend...

I'm really happy with how these cars are turning out...the Spectra-flame paint is awesome and the Brightvision wheels look and fit great!

I hope to wrap up the Camaro this week, and, yes LoS, I'm working on a Corvette for your race! :)

  • Okay...that's good to know, but I'm talking about your actual Vettes for the Series??? — LeagueofSpeed
  • Awesome job C10! I've got a few beaters myself and one of these days....... — Dadvball
  • Yup, LoS, that's what I mean...a race Vette :) — 72_Chevy_C10

Okay, so this isn't "the" Camaro, but it ia a Custom Camaro...

I'll be finishing up the project Camaro later this week, but I had come across this one as I was putting together the was a better casting, and it was cheaper...and well, come on, it was Purple!

Here is what ir looked like before...

This was a straight-up, clean, re-paint and put on new wheels.

3 i just scored on E Bay marked for resto (kinda)

  • If I can find (and I think I can) my Beatnik Bandit that should round out the Sweet 16 — Nightstalker

Hot Heap, Camaro, Mustang, Eldorado, T Bird, Fleetside, VW Bug, Deora, Python, Silhouette and Cougar (Chopped up) I have since I bought them new. Also have a Corvette bought last year.

  • Would like another Cougar if one shows up at the right price — Nightstalker
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Mattman213 11/7/19

WOW!  I too bought up a handful of old Redlines after watching Baremetal's videos and have been waiting to tackle them.  I love these old things and honestly, one of the less abused (Boss Hoss I believe) redlines I recieved rolls better than any new car out there and smokes them on my Son's tracks.  Love em!


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WorpeX 11/7/19

These look so good! I've always wanted to restore a redline. Now if I could just find one for a decent price...

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72_Chevy_C10 11/7/19

Whoa, surprised to see this thread re-surface! If you settle for some rough cars, the Redlines can still be bought. There are lots out there...they sold 16 million cars in 1968. 

The Bare metal HW videos are great, and his techniques work very well. Personally, I like the Hong Kong cars better than the US ones because they have more detailing...but, my advice is to just start restoring!

  • My biggest issue is that even in a poor condition they sell for more than I usually want to spend! — WorpeX

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