National Team Street Drags.

Stroller Thursday, 5/29/2014

Another tournament idea from the vacuous mind of Stroller.

The typical basic idea:  Build a car that is your favorite street rod, muscle car, or sleeper.  Dimensions and other rules will be posted below.

The twist:  You must team up with another race team.  Each team after each event will score the average earned points of both team members.  The team with highest score over the different venues wins the championship.

This the tricky part:  How to pick teams.  In each team there must be two different builders.  If we could team-up championship winners with non-winners I think that would be ideal.   I think picking randomly would be a mistake.  We might end up pairing JDC442 with TLD and that would probably would probably be bad for the rest of  Submit ideas please!!!

BTW if anyone wants to run this one please do....................Stroller


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model40fan 5/29/14

Sounds good ... maybe take the gassers series final points placements and match 1 with 32, 2 with 31 etc....     teams with tied or no points have their place set by the alphabetical order of the team names... flip a coin to see if A or Z goes first...

   possibly have 4 brackets so you don't race yourself or your team mate till the semis or finals...

... go stroller go !

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KandORacing 5/29/14

I call JDC442 as my Team mate!

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Stroller 5/29/14

Continuing with this do we want more than 2 cars per team?...............And Smitty that sounds like a good Idea.....except for those that did not participate....

Answering my own question I would say yes to 4 cars per team 2 from each builder.....oh and this is a building race no stock cars.

  • Yes! 4 cars per each team of two racers. Now seriously, do I get JDC442 as my team mate? LOL — KandORacing
  • the newbies could be placed alphabeticaly after the racers on the placement sheet... — model40fan
  • I guess I don't get it, what do you mean Smitty? — KandORacing
  • the new racers will be placed alphabeticaly below the racers w/no pts. — model40fan
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