Need feedback on current forum, possible new forum

redlinederby Thursday, 7/11/2013
Site manager

Right now we have a plain old message board and I'm finding it difficult to organize information, highlight information and frankly, I just think it's ugly and hard to I'm looking at alternatives and am considering just building one myself, so I need some feedback on the system we're using right now.

Knowing that the message boards we're using now is just an off-the-shelf package that I didn't make myself...

What do you like and not like about how it works?
What frustrates you most about using the message boards?
What features do you use most?
Are there any features you wish it had that maybe you've seen elsewhere or just think would be cool?

Any other feedback, suggestions or complaints is appreciated.


What features do you use most?

I like the "Latest" option at the top of the page. Makes things quick and easy, but can cause you to neglect other threads...

If you make a new Forum is there a way/will old threads/info from this forum be saved?

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redlinederby 7/11/13
Site manager

Yes, all data from this forum will be saved and if I have my way, it will all be migrated seamlessly, retaining all your logins, passwords, etc. Hard to say for sure at this point but that's the plan - too much good stuff here to lose any of it (I backup regularly as it is).

One other motivation for such a project is to finally have the forums and other parts of the site (Fantasy) use a single login rather than have them separate. Not only does that make it easier for you guys but makes it easier for me manage things and I'd be able to do more with all the data.

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shadowracer 7/11/13

The same login for both parts of the site would definitely be a bonus. As a small nitpick, a single navigation bar across the top would be nice...but that's minor.

Other than that, I have no issue with it the way it is. The boards themselves are easy enough to navigate.

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JDC442 7/11/13

I too like the "Latest Post"option as well as being alerted by email when there's a new post in a thread you've posted in. I also like the idea of having one log in for both the fantasy and forum.

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Stroller 7/12/13

Single Log In...Yes!!

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