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Jobe Sunday, 4/3/2011

Went to a big Hot Rod and Custom car show this weekend with my caddy.
Couple of vendors had Hot Wheels for sale and I picked up a few goodies.

Ferrari F-40, Testarossa, 360 Modena, a delivery, sweet Pontiac Fiero!, the heavy Monta Carlo car, Street Beast and a 64 lincoln convertible...can't wait to try a few on the track. I think the Testarossa is going to get modified

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Jobe 4/3/11

Man, that Monte Carlo and the 360 Modena are screamers! Fiero and Testarossa or total duds, might have to swap some FTEs onto them! And despite it's inboard wheels and sninnyness, the Streat Beast is pretty durn quick!

Great finds. That monte carlo is one of my favorites.

Thanks for the directions to Jo's BTW, I had a great time down there. Didn't go for the cruise, but it was fun to watch, lol.

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