New finds!

slash288 Monday, 6/7/2010

New finds at a local hobby shop
Diecast Cars, Hot Wheels, Matchbox


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redlinederby 6/8/10
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Ghostbusters! I've been looking for that one everywhere! Lucky!

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slash288 6/8/10

Ecto-1 was a disappointment on the track however. very wobbly and slow.

the FTE grand national I was pretty hyped for, but the back wheels are rubbing the wheel well badly. they barely turn.

Guess I will have to take that one apart, but I think the axel is already bent.

the 92 stang was the winner of the group though, like most stangs they are well balanced and pretty fast. Can't keep up with the batmobile though.

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redlinederby 6/8/10
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I would imagine ECTO-1 not doing well, it's just big with narrow wheelbase. I know for a fact that modified Ford with the scoop is a dog. However, that scoop piece is separate from the rest of the molding, so it's good using in other customizing...if you need a scoop, that is.

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Bandeezee 6/8/10

Yeah, I think the cobra was decent. I just got that Mustang, haven't raced it yet, so now I'm kind of excited to see how it does. I also got the recolored Bluebird 510 (white with racing stripes) for my dad. He used to own a 510 and would tinker with it all the time. He sold it and wishes he didn't. I also got the '67 Camaro (black with silver flames), looks pretty nice.

Brian, I was lucky enough to have someone RAOK an ecto-1 to me from the Hot Wheels collectors site. Yeah, I saw the narrow wheels and knew that it wouldn't be a racer, so I just left it in the package. Congrats on the nice finds Slash, I still look for the ecto-1 in stores every chance I get, but have never found one.

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Jobe 6/18/10

I have an all metal cobra (top and bottom) that is one of my fastest stock cars, I think because of the weight and's fast! Cool finds...I'm going 'shopping' again this weekend!

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markkaz 6/20/10

The metal base Shelby Cobra is an above-average downhill racer.
I haven't tried the new plastic-based version yet.

A collector sent me an Ecto when they first hit. I have found only one on my
own. I will buy as many as I can find but I haven't found any yet! I hope that
they produce plenty like they did the Batmobiles.

If I don't get a bunch of extras, then I can't put any in the downhill racing
tray at my parties.

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