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MikeS Wednesday, 12/21/2011

Hello, everyone. Discovered this site when I "re-discovered" Hot Wheels and the racing that we loved back in the day!

I'm extremely interested in the track layouts to build,and I'm not quite finished perusing the site - but when the "accordion" track layout is built, do you keep the orange tracks strips on it when it is folded up, or do you disassemble the track off of the wood for storage?

This site has really got me interested in building something for my family...


Mike S


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GspeedR 12/21/11

Welcome MikeS!

More new RDR members means potentially GspeedR

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model40fan 12/21/11

welcome MIKE S.... F.Y.I. I AM A MIKE S. ALSO

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EconoCarl 12/21/11

MikeS, welcome to the site and to the world of Hot Wheels racing!
Where are you located? There just might be someone on the site nearby.

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model40fan 12/21/11

RACERS FROM... TX., TX., MD., OH., MA., TX., IA., PA., WA., TX., PA., CT., WA., CA., ME.,... AND COUNTING...

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MikeS 12/21/11

I'm from St. Louis, MO.

So, when you guys set up for a race - does the track stay on the board when the race is over? If so, how do you "not" crease the track? Stupid question, I'm sure, but I'll ask anyway!


Mike, the orange track is removed from the board after the race.

Welcome aboard!

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redlinederby 12/22/11
Site manager

Hi Mike, welcome to Redline Derby! Glad you found us and hope you check out all that Redline Derby has to offer. Between the forums, the blog and our fantasy league racing game, there's a lot to keep you busy.

The accordion track design I came up with is intended to be easy and quick for storage, so the orange track comes off when you need to stow away the track. But there are popsicle stocks on the board that are used to line up the track when you set it up again. It's not the fanciest of tracks but it's easy, affordable and works great if you have limited space.

Here's a post on the popsicle sticks: ... -straight/

Post or PM me if you have any questions about Redline Derby. I'll speak for everyone here when I welcome you back to the hobby of Hot Wheels. We're all collectors but there's nothing better than putting your cars on the track. Have fun and happy racing!

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MikeS 12/22/11

Thanks for the welcome, guys.

On vacation next week, so I'm gonna see what I can do.

Looking forward to it!

Merry Christmas to you all!

Mike S.

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markkaz 12/23/11

Howdy and Merry Christmas!

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