New ID Cars Now On Amazon

WorpeX Monday, 7/15/2019

Amazon is now stocking the entire Hotwheels ID series (with the exception of the Apple Store exclusive Viper).

Furthermore, the second wave of ID cars is now out! The Bone Shaker, Lambo, Tesla, Pagani, Camaro, Nissan, 70's Charger and Scorpedo are all available.

These ID cars are gorgeous and while they aren't "FTE" fast, they're much better than generic mainlines. Check them out if you haven't done so yet!

Here is a link to the store page:


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redlinederby 7/15/19
Site manager

Thanks for the reminder. I added one to my Amazon cart at work, just needed to press the Take My Money button. Looking forward to seeing these things up close.

  • Only wish they were on sale for Prime Days...oh well... — redlinederby

Picked up the GT-R and Charger the day they hit Amazon, about to pull the trigger on the Lambo. Out of the six, licensed, models I’ve picked up, the Charger is hands down, my favorite, so far. 

  • The GTR is on my Maybe list. Love the GTRs at large but went with the Lambo this time. — redlinederby

This Charger is fire.

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redlinederby 7/16/19
Site manager

I got the Lambo, love the style but not a fan of the gold paint - at least not from afar. Anyway, I probably won't be buying a lot of ID cars anyway. I'm not expecting to dive into that realm at this point - too rich for my blood.

But I hope to do an unboxing video for the ID car once I get it...hoepfully...want to...stay tuned. I know there's no shortage already out there, but hey, why not have an RLD take on it?

  • Absolutely looking forward to your take on it! — WorpeX
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WorpeX 7/16/19

I love that Charger! Mines in the mail now with the Lambo and a few others. The Bone Shaker just arrived yesterday and its stunning!

I've bought quite a few now... nearly all of them at this point minus any of the creature cars. They are expensive but I have a very strong feeling that the price will go down after the first year and with the price drop the spectraflame paint and extra tampos go away too. I have no problems with paying for higher quality cars!

Now that these are available, im just going to stop buying mainlines and other premiums. I figure i'll break even in the end, or maybe i'll actually save money. haha

I keep looking around for anyone that has been able to hack them. I would love to use something like their id chip, or any nfc/rfid chip, for cataloging collections, race info, etc.

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redlinederby 7/16/19
Site manager

I'm sure someone will but you'll be pretty limited because those chips don't store much data. They're cheap and they're small. You can't really add data to them...which is a bummer.

I was hoping maybe these cars would track the laps and stuff on your track, then you could take it to your friends house and pass on that data, but you can't. Any data about the car will be stored in the phone app, not the car itself.

Imagine having an ID car and racing it...then being able to trade/sell that car based on the history. It would be built-in proof, like a real car. Anyway...excited to get mine and see how it rolls and what all the app shows.

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WorpeX 7/17/19

I love this series! Think I might have enough for a real tournament now...

  • No GT-R?! — SinisterGrackle
  • ha, nah. I don't really like GTRs much and the ID casting is just white, nothing special. — WorpeX
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GspeedR 11/2/19

FYI: The next release of ID vehicles just hit Amazon this afternoon(I know this because they weren't there this morning). Still no sign of the VW T1 racing bus though. The Escort was just too pretty for me to resist.

  • Might be the first set I skip... already have a GT Hunter (although the Red on this one is nice) and i'm not too into the look of Solid Muscle. Most of the other cars are from TV shows and i'm not so into that. Maybe i'll get them for the kid but idk if I'd want to spent $7 for that. The only one I might get is the Nightshifter which isn't bad looking. — WorpeX
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