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Everfree Wednesday, 2/7/2024

Hello.  My name is Matthew Townsend-Farr A.K.A. "Everfree."  I just joined the forums and wanted to make custom Hot Wheels cars (among others) to collect, show off in a few dioramas, and even race some in some of these diecast racing events.  I live about an hour away from two drag strips (one to the northwest, and the other to the southeast).  I'm really excited to try and do some events and maybe get them featured.  I hope to make a good impression on here.  Thank you very much.


Welcome aboard!

Welcome Everfree! Lots of Great Guys and Gals here. Dig into the Forum to get info on Building, Where in Washington are you? I am about 75 miles North of Spokane.

  • I live in the Tri-Cities area (Richland, Pasco, Kennewick). — Everfree

Howdy. I'm from Washington too, Seattle suburbs. It's my rookie season as well. If you want to join a race without having to mod a car I suggest checking out LCDRL's Stock Nationals. Submission deadline is next month. Hope to see you out on the track!

  • I adopted a dog from Bellevue Animal Shelter 2 yrs. ago. Flew into Seattle, rented a car and drove her back to Wisconsin. Beautiful country out in the Pacific Northwest! — Dutch_Clutch_Racing
  • That’s one hell of a drive! I know Bellevue… awfully close to where I grew up. Maybe some day I’ll get a track set up out here so y’all can send cars to this part of the country for racing — ConMan_Customs
  • Looking forward to it. Don't rush it. Learn lots from the good people on this site that are always willing to help......and teach us something too. — Dutch_Clutch_Racing
  • I lived in Seattle for 32 years, in Shoreline. Moved to Oregon in 2010. Welcome to the community and best of luck to you!! — G_ForceRacing
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JBlotner42 2/8/24


Enjoy the ride!

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StrayDog 2/8/24

Welcome! Can't wait to see you on the track!

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Numbskull 2/8/24

It just gets funner from here.

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redlinederby 2/8/24
Site manager

Indeed, welcome to Redline Derby! Lots of good folks and good discussion on here about everything you need to start your racing journey. 

The Forum has 10+ years worth of browse around and dig up some gems to help. 

And don't be stingy with sharing what you make, find, and race!

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dr_dodge 2/8/24


last year was my rookie year

you will learn alot!  

this community is the most amazing one on the planet

lots of info, and a real feeling of fellowship


  • I’m excited to see how you do in the next rally race at GTR bro’! — G_ForceRacing

All the best to you on your diecast journey!


  • I heard Marc D.'s cars are going to be confiscated in Customs from now on for "exploratory disassembly". (Seriously though ....Nice job to all on the Low Country Diecast race that just finished up). — Dutch_Clutch_Racing
  • Do some race hosts really do that? Seems in pretty bad spirit of competition to disassemble another person’s car that they’ve worked hard on — ConMan_Customs
  • No they don't do that. I was trying to be funny....Marc D. is in Australia so his packages go through U.S. Customs.... — Dutch_Clutch_Racing
  • Ha ! Cheers guys! US Customs ! As events are run in various parts of the US, it is interesting to note how some Locations of US Customs, my parcels can stay there for over a week and not get through, yet other places, they get through in a day! All to be factored when sending to meet deadlines! Ugh! Cheers! — CutRock_R_Marc_D
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