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41-14 Thursday, 11/1/2018


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41-14 11/1/18

Just finished putting the final touches on the new work station. This will make things a lot more efficient. Now I don’t have to piss the wife off using the kitchen table. So she’s happy. Everything has a place and lots of room to work. 

Lets see what everyone else uses. Think it would be interesting to see different setups and maybe share some ideas. 


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redlinederby 11/1/18
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Very nice! Wish I had some overhead storage at my workspace. Although my room is such a mess right now, an explosion of Hot Wheels, slot cars and toys. Too many hobbies and not enough space!

Check out a few old threads with member workspace photos:

  • Some awesome setups there. I’m just happy to have a place that I can call my own. And I don’t have to pack everything away when I’m done working on cars for the day. — 41-14
  • Nice work space 41-14. How you doin'? — Mopar_Mafia
  • Doing great MM. been busy with work and family so not a lot of time to build. Not as much as I had hoped. Managed to get some cars sent for American Muscle 2 at LoS’s. hopefully they’re worthy of the competition. How’s things with you my friend. — 41-14
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