New HW track kit on shelves

ChiefWopahoo Friday, 2/7/2020
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I've wanted to build a slalom style track but could never seem to find turns that were less than 90 or 180 degrees. Even discussed it with Brian Vaughn a few weeks ago. Well, looks like Mattel might've been listening because this new for 2020 kit has what appears to be 45 degree corners. Hallelujah!!! Bought both kits that were on the shelf at Target. 

Haven't opened the box yet so I've no idea if the pieces are decent or junk but will check them out more closely this weekend. Anyone here have any experience with this kit yet? 

- Bruno


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redlinederby 2/7/20
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Sweet! If nothing else I can use them for measurements and still work on making some more gentle slalom curves rather than 90s. But nice to something other than the 180s...wonder if 2 turns sit well together for 2-lane action.

I expect a full review :)

  • Also nice to see a track set that's just track and not sure some sort of trick/gimmick track. Back to basics. — redlinederby
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OpenBagTwo 9/18/20

Been less than thrilled with this pack--cars lose a LOT of speed on these corners, since there's zero banking. And then conversely, since there's no ceiling (like on the 180s in the boost box), if your car is carrying too much speed into the slalom, it just flies right off the track.

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Scoupe 9/18/20

Agreed on the lost speed sentiment, but in a low speed situation, perhaps off the start, these could work well.

The straight pieces are nicely rigid with higher walls however, and that could be useful off transitions. 

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