Newbie intro and question about sanding wheels

veewee25 Saturday, 8/25/2018

Hello everyone, I just joined a few days ago. I have been a collector off and on for over 25 yrs. I recently got back into the hobby after my kids moved out and I had a little more space to do my thing. This time around I started buying cars to open and play with, I decided that buying cars to only put them in storage containers was very boring... I had the need for speed!! The 10 year old trapped inside me was screaming to be let free. So I started looking for stuff on youtube and have been hooked ever since! I am researching and absorbing all that I can, Pieces are on the way to build my own track....and all of my buddies are getting hit up to come play!

I am way up north in California only a couple hours from the oregon border, so if there are others in the area hit me up... Ok sorry for the long message.

I keep seeing mention about sanding the wheels to smooth and help balance them, are there any tutorials or videos on this process? Im a sponge and very competitive please school me!!

I used to drag race 1/24 slot cars, had a AA funny car that ran a best of 106mph {actual speed} at .06 of a second on a 55ft long track.

Thanks again Jason


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72_Chevy_C10 8/27/18

Hi! And welcome!

I've been meaning to do a video about sanding wheels, and polishing axles, but I haven't gothen around to it.

I have a piece of aluminum  (about 4"x 4", 1/2" thick), with two different grit sandpapers glued to each side (400 and 1000 grit). I put the wheels in a chassis ...not glued in...and hold the chassis on the 400 grit side first and make small circles with the chassis. 

You'll see the wheels coming into gape as you sand...once you have them true, I start sanding them with the 1000 grit. There are lots of little tricks once you start sanding and polishing, but this will get you going.

Stock wheels are mass produced, so they have imperfections and a small 'sprue' where the mold was sanding them, you can get rid the imperfections and get them.running pretty true.

I hope this help. And I'll try to get a video up some time.


  • Thank you for the advice! im hoping to be a part of this world and getting to know you guys better! — veewee25

My method is by hand with 400 grit and then 800 grit...I to have been meaning to do a video. I leave the wheels/axels in the donor chassis while I sand or the actual chassis before removing the axels for polishing.

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MDG_Racing 8/27/18

I like to do mine by hand and as I do the axles. I feel like I'm getting a smoother sanding on the wheels because the sandpaper contours to my finger pad/tip. I usually just hit the wheels with the same paper from 220-2000

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redlinederby 8/27/18
Site manager

The guide on "advanced" modding has some tips in it too...sandpaper and so on.

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veewee25 8/29/18

Thanks for all the great info! im building a track and setting up a space to start building, modifying and tuning.

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Kracon 8/29/18

veewee25 sounds like me.  I got sucked back into HW buying again about 3 weeks ago.  This time adding track kits including the 6 lane race track.

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