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huduguru Tuesday, 12/20/2011

Hello--I found this site about a month ago after buying some cars for my 8 y/o. I hadn't thought about racing on a HW track for years--but I just bought some blutrack to test the water again and show my son what we used to do years ago (for Xmas). Modifying cars is an interesting idea and looks like its live and well--great stuff.

I know many are dedicated to the orange track, and i missed an awesome deal on a orange roll, so I opted for a bulk buy on blutrack pro to get started. I really liked the ProtectoPak track, but wanted to go cheaper for now. I don't need all 100' of blutrack and will pass on the discounted holiday price for anyone who would like a chunk. I am going to try 50ft of it, which leaves another 50ft for chopping or one piece. I may end up going even shorter as I figure all of this out--but 50' seems to be the desired size for many competitions--we'll see what happens.

Anyone on here, let me know if you would like some track--I'm amped to start running cars and testing--I may have to try it out before Xmas~!

Great board--thanks!

JW in MN


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GspeedR 12/20/11

Welcome huduguru!

I hope you enjoy your "stay". Bluetrack, eh? I've never tried it, but I understand its a bit wider than orange track.

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model40fan 12/20/11

welcome hoo doo goo roo,
be warned, this racing gig can be addicting to any age 8 year olds... and for about a buck !

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huduguru 12/20/11

Thanks all--

Yeah, I initially didn't like the idea of the really wide track--but I can see straight-running cars not hitting the sides as much...but that may be a rarity without tweeking (?)--I'm ready for testing and interested in seeing how things run. I'm planning on putting the track on a base system to assist in keeping things flat, level, and consistent as possible. If we don't like it, I'm really interested in the Protektopak black track--I really wanted a chunk of race grooves a few years ago--I think the creator is on here, correct? That looked pretty nice. We shall see...

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model40fan 12/20/11


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redlinederby 12/22/11
Site manager

Hey there Hudu...welcome to Redline Derby, and welcome back to the Hot Wheels hobby.

Weekly racing here at Redline Derby is currently in an off-season but I hope you check out the fantasy league game we have and spend some time running around the forum...there is A TON of great topics here about collecting, modding and racing. It's a great bunch of guys that love the, hobby.

If you have any questions about Redline Derby, please PM me or post. Otherwise, welcome to the club. Hope you have fun!

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markkaz 12/23/11

Yup, I am here. (Race Grooves). Doing my parties and making videos for YouTube takes all of my tim I am not selling my track at the moment. I haven't sold any track for probably five years now even though I still have a bunch still in inventory.

Your comment that the above tracks cost more than you want to spend are typical of what I would hear. People want the best if the best but they don't want to pay for it.

I am not meaning to call you out specifically. I am just letting you know that my track isn't for sale because it isn't worth my time to sell it.

Welcome to the boards and have fun!

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EconoCarl 12/23/11

Huduguru, Welcome to site.
Once you start modifying cars be sure to post pics.
We all love pics! Post pics of your track too.

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huduguru 12/23/11

Thanks guys--I'll post photos once we get it figured out--and I just picked up 3 Bifocals at various Walgreens on the coupon deal, along with a bunch of other cars I wouldn't have probably looked at before getting a we go!

@ Mark--I totally understand what you mean--I guess I'm trying to see what the best of the best really is, and I really liked your track--we corresponded probably 5 years ago when you were getting ready to sell larger pieces of the mythbusters track. Aside from yours, until pricing is finalized, the protectopak black track looks like a run for the best. I'll email you offline with more questions.

Thanks all--merry xmas/happy holidays
JW in MN

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