Official Redline Derby Racing Logos

AP3_Diecast Friday, 2/10/2023

I was just wondering how to go about getting a Redline Derby Racing logo to make a billboard/poster for my track like I've seen so many people doing.  I feel like I must be missing it somewhere on this sight.

Shy of making your own, I'm also wondering what other resources builders might be using for other types of billboards or posters to decorate their track with?


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dr_dodge 2/11/23

I too, would like logos,
gonna make a backdrop for the drag strip

team logos would be cool, too

also, a thing I thought of,
"wanted posters" with your car(s), the race, and channel
emailable to my friends that would watch for my cars


  • Wanted posters are a great idea. It would be awesome if we could figure out a repository for everyone to put their team logos in for others to download. Maybe standardize a size and aspect ratio. We could post them in a thread here I guess if that's allowed? — AP3_Diecast
  • using this thread is as good as any — dr_dodge
  • That is a great idea pratman2 — G_ForceRacing

I'm working on 3d printing logos folks have sent me!

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redlinederby 2/11/23
Site manager

You can download a zip file with various RLD logos below. But if anyone needs logos in other sizes or formats, let me know and I'll try to get them to you. Thanks!

  • Thanks. "Media Kit" was a phrase I even searched on the site and still couldn't find it. Haha. — AP3_Diecast
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Douglas 2/12/23

Need custom signs come see me at Merch by Meekin. ?

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