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Overkill build, custom metalwork

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GT_Diecast 1/15/23

This is crazy awsome, I don't think that I could do such a good job hope to race you on the Mt.

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dr_dodge 1/16/23

well, scariest part, (for me so

it's packed and ready to send tomorrow

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Chaos_Canyon 1/17/23

That looks great. Nice work on the fine details.

  • thanks I love doing stuff like that — dr_dodge
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johnson9195 1/18/23

Very cool truck! Very creative suspension system.

Fabulous work! That is totally off the hook!

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dr_dodge 2/18/23

well, an epic end.  too bouncy in the front end.

I am so glad it got to run.  Thanks to GTR!

  • My Porsche from previous tourney didn't qualify for same reason. I feel ya — Redline_Salvage_Inc
  • was a brutal day at treetop for some, saw many upsets today — dr_dodge

Dr. Dodge.  

This is exactly what I am looking for.  The ANACONDA MOUNTAIN 4x4 Path.  I want to hold tournaments that are of Full suspension trucks like this.  This track is also better suited to fater wider tires. 

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dr_dodge 10/10/23

back on the bench

need to tow a race car

Lots of great work there... well done!


  • thanks, figured some hadn't seen it. now it gets a trailer hitch, bigger motor, stacks, shocks and ditch the rollbar — dr_dodge
  • Lots of good stuff buried in the archive... glad it is being pulled out! — Stoopid_Fish_Racing
  • The forum is deep. Try the Grab Bag if you're sifting for hidden gems — redlinederby
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dr_dodge 10/11/23

trailer lines up nice


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