Overkill build, custom metalwork

dr_dodge Saturday, 1/14/2023

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Overkill 1.0

I did the final dis/re- assembly last night and shot pics

I will try to draw some simple prints to post later, 

It will explain a lot.

But, I promised a build thread, so here is the start of it



1/16 tubing
1/4 x 1/4 square
various flat strips
1/4 x 3/8 rect tube

Other stuff:
springs out of junk ratchet assys

mostly solder construction
dab of silicon on springs for dampening (shocks)

& american diorama girl as driver "Linda"

Front arm locates off the rear post and is solid.

Rear arms float on front post, and are held by axle rods thru the bed

Jewelry posts w/ round tops thru the axle rods keep them from popping out of the body,

also allows disassembly as the posts are only crimped over the rear axle

Linda in the cockpit itcin' to get this thing going

Close up of rear axle

and Linda says, see ya on the mt!!

If y'all have questions, ask away!



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Numbskull 1/14/23


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dr_dodge 1/14/23

I just did weights:

55 g total w/o decals and trim

front/rear  44.0% / 56.0%

right/left   48.9%/51.1%

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redlinederby 1/14/23
Site manager

So wait...that has little spring shocks? That's pretty bitchin' - Love the no-chassis chassis too, just some good old fashioned metalwork to keep in bare but working. A good reminder that you're not limited to what the factory gives you!

  • little springs, and dabs of black silicon are the shocks, which made a huge difference, and yes, old school metal work hung off the body itself — dr_dodge
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SpyDude 1/14/23

That there is what I'm talkin' about ......... some good old custom metalwork to do up something trick and one-off.  Very cool!

  • it is one of, thats for sure — dr_dodge
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WorpeX 1/14/23

This is just too cool man!

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dr_dodge 1/14/23

I am second alternate in the my second race here,

gotta stand up to y'all, and thats a damn'd tough field to go against

I look at the pics, and its funny because the truck is green in them,

with the color change paint, I've been working on a copper truck most of the time,

at least some pics above show it a bit,

on the bench it's pretty dramatic

anyways, thank y'all for this place,


  • I Love the Paint, it's Not cheap but when finished they are Really Nice! I am partial to Metallic paints. — Bent_Rod_Racing
  • I love metalflakes, too I grew up when the funnycars looked like cars and the crazy metalic and gold leaf paint on them was amazing, so been hooked ever since — dr_dodge

OutStanding! Thank you so much for posting.

Have been Blown away with the Ingenuity of everyone's various Design's of Suspension.

There is going my route ( I think a rather Basic design ) and then their is taking it to a Level that is notches above and excedes my Chemo Brain!

Thats real cool metalwork. Good Luck at GTR; be rooting for ya!!

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dr_dodge 1/15/23

a print of the rear suspemsion, showing materials used, and how it's held together.

more diagrams

  • Is the copper Romex? I can't tell the gauge in pic. RIP Linda's legs :P And nice teaser of the twin Show Offs. I had to cut Sheila's legs off once, she never forgave me. — Redline_Salvage_Inc
  • the two in the background are original bye focals (challenger bodies) and the rows or injector stacks are jewelry crimps, — dr_dodge
  • and it is a bit creepy cutting off legs, sanding butts, and slicing spines to fit the girls in, dr frankencast...lol — dr_dodge
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dr_dodge 1/15/23

these are some of the materials,

You can use romex, but you need to straighten it, (which makes it hard)
so then can annel it ( get it very hot, and then slow cool) so it bends easy again

I use 14 ga romex for big projects (you can make a big walkway/mezzenine frame fairly easy,

and use a good flux, don't trust whats in the solder to do it, it won't.

Unreal! A lot of work went into that gem! Thanks for sharing the construction details.

Wow. Makes me realise I have a lot to learn ! 

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