Overwhelmed by track build possibilities

redlinederby Friday, 8/14/2020
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Back in the Spring my basement flooded and forced me to clear out my Hot Wheels track and inventory. It's been a long 4 months but new floors have been installed and my small Hot Wheels rec room is ready to live again. The only problem now is choosing what to build!

The old Redline Derby Speedway will get rebuilt as it was, only this time it will have four full lanes instead of just two. I want to make a new hill but otherwise it'll be a classic drag strip.

Previously, the Hot Wheels room was where my work bench was, as well as all my inventory and totes full of various parts and accessories. Honestly, there was a lot of wasted space...no thanks to a giant foosball table that perished during the flood, opening up a good chunk of room real estate.

So now is a fresh start and a chance to make the Hot Wheels room I want and need. I had a mind to build another track in this room. An open track that is KotM style or something close to it. My thought was to have the track go along two walls, so down one side, into a curve, then into another straight. Or maybe I could build a 3DBM type layout...or something totally different...

And then it's what do I use to build? The Crash Racers are out of stock at my local Walmart, so I'll have to wait to get some of that open track. Or maybe I go the homebrew route with coroplast, or cardboard, or wood, or slot car track...I mean, c'mon...

There was a time not long ago when I thought you needed solid track to race on. Something that was inherently fair but watching a lot of the channels recently, that's just no longer the case. I'll have my drag strip for the "skill" racing, so now I can build something for the "luck" racing.

I'm almost stifled by all the options. There's so many great, fun tracks to pull ideas from. I'll keep dreaming and thinking, and it will hit me, I'm sure. Until then, I'll be rebuilding the drag strip so I can get some sort of racing done...perhaps the long-delayed Redline Rumble? 


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Chaos_Canyon 8/14/20

Awesome. Nice, blank canvas to work on.

I guess it boils down to what you like the most and what you want to do with it, right?  

2 recommendations.  Start as close to the ceiling as you can and use gentle slopes to control the speed of the cars.

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CrazyEights 8/15/20

Go crash racers. Order from Walmart.com. do free pickup at your store so you don't pay shipping. Best way to go.

Augmoto set on amazon is dropping...anything under $50 is a steal!

  • Dang, I got mine for $60. lol at least I have one. 3 lane racing is chaotic and hilarious. — MrFishyFish

To me there is still nothing like the quarter mile drag track. I'll leave the twists and turns to the experts in track building. 

I am intrigued with the possibilities and glad to help in anyway

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redlinederby 8/19/20
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Finally got one to try...

  • Remember... If you need more Walmart.com. Free shipping to your nearest store. Maybe if you buy enough you may get free shipping to your house. — CrazyEights
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CrazyEights 8/27/20

I thought about you yesterday. I went to a Walmart an hour from here and they had six crash racer sets.

  • Six?! Geez...I had to pick up mine from not-as-local Walmart just to get this one. Hope it ends up being worth it. — redlinederby
  • it should work. its what HW Calgary uses. try Walmart.com next time. free shippingto your local store. that's how I get stuff cuz our Walmart is old and it bites. — CrazyEights
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WorpeX 8/27/20

Wow, that room looks gorgeous! Love that floor!

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