Piston Junction Driver Cards

StarCorps Wednesday, 2/28/2024

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In this thread, I'll be posting the driver cards as I make them. 

People who did not provide driver names will be provided them.

People who didn't provide car names will be provided them. 
People who didn't provide background notes for their drivers, will be provided them. 

The spreadsheet linked below is the best way to see what information you might be missing. Feel free to provide that data - or I'mma make stuff up! 

Piston Junction Invitational Roster


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StarCorps 2/28/24

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StarCorps 2/29/24

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StarCorps 3/3/24

MrDarq Kuhn and Dubious Diecast have rolled into Piston Junction - and the Count of Cutrock may have a problem.

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Chris_Hood 3/18/24

Hooray for the world-building, StarCorps!! Digging it!

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StarCorps 3/24/24

  • awsome!! — dr_dodge
  • Great write-ups! Thanks for filling in the blanks on what Iggy's whole deal is! — Spirit_Of_64
  • Really though, there must be a cottage industry in the wasteland somewhere that churns out bondage gear. — StarCorps
  • Yeah, I reckon bondage gear and sports equipment stores were cleaned out PDQ after the apocalypse. — Spirit_Of_64
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StarCorps 3/25/24

Group 3 is live! 


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StarCorps 4/9/24

Time Trials 4 is live - sorry for the delay. 


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