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Piston Junction WMD Invitational Season 2024

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Spirit_Of_64 2/10/24

Before the apocalypse, Cinder Foley worked as a normal, everyday cabbie.  Nowadays she uses her '07 Chevy Tahoe nicknamed Hot Hack to ferry folks without rides across the wasteland...for a price, of course. Hot Hack is a former police cruiser with discrete armor and bulletproof glass from a Secret Service vehicle and a supercharged 6.2 liter LS2 V8 to help heft all that weight around.  A flamethrower provides a bit of offense to discourage non-fares from getting too close.

On the other end of the offence/defense spectrum is interference man Ignis Shawn Sparks(Iggy for short) in Stun Gun Runner.  Stun Gun Runner is an EV-converted Torque Twister that is the proverbial glass cannon. Minimal armor and maximum armaments is Iggy's philosophy. Heavy machine gun, twin grenade launchers and hood mounted solar panels to give extra power to the wheels and to the oversized taser up front.

[Hot Hack was my first Gaslands style build and I had so much fun building it I slapped together the second car.]

  • i like it, good story, too — dr_dodge
  • Thanks, Doc! — Spirit_Of_64
  • This is FANTASTIC. That gun gonna break off in the first colllision but thats part of the fun! — StarCorps
  • Nice story! Just wondering, where do you get those figures. I need some for Ash Rider and Armour Buster! — LottaSpeedRacing
  • 99% of the figurines I use are Heroclix game pieces with the bases removed and a small square of Hot Wheels blister plastic glued to their feet. They're slightly larger than 1:64 scale(about 1:60 I reckon), but they do the job and if you shop around you can get 'em in lots under $1 apiece. — Spirit_Of_64
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FeralPatrick 2/11/24

Feral Patrick (pictured behind the wheel) was able to salvage one of his former racers when the spit hit the fan. He calls her, "MachX" - a mostly '71 Mustang Mach 1. He and MachX roam the country hunting the CHUDs that killed his puppy named Daisy.

  • Glorious! — StarCorps
  • I absolutely ove the skull driver. — StarCorps
  • f'kg CHUDS, anything that messes with puppies or kittens, kitty takes absolutely personal, regardless of what Angellica says — dr_dodge
  • kitty got your back — dr_dodge
  • Looks like he may have possibly hit some one on the front driver's side. Looks perfect for Piston Junction! — LottaSpeedRacing
  • @Lotta, yep. Blood. :) Thanks for the comments. I kinda love this one. — FeralPatrick
  • The name "Daisy" is cursed during the apocalypse. Just ask Doomguy. — DemonPreacher
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StarCorps 2/11/24

Racers: I just posted a big update to the piston junction track update post. I'm looking forward to getting your cars, and the track will be ready on time! I made up a lot of time this weekend, and next weekend is a 3 day weekend. 

Get your cars in! Even if I have not directly responded to you as I lost track of things here for a few days - send me your cars. :) 

  • Mine will be sent out Tuesday. Nice work on the track! — FeralPatrick
  • Thanks man! — StarCorps
  • your rookie host race, enjoy it! — dr_dodge
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StarCorps 2/12/24

I am happy to show off the driver profile card that Rust Belt Customs made me! This is how I will introduce and track peoples cars and career. Cans is... roughly equivelent to points. I have an eye to letting people spend cans to buy upgrades, tricks and quirks for thier cars that can effect the outcome of a race or other event - but thats probably not the first tourney.

What do yall think of this?

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StarCorps 2/13/24

Mark D

Jerry Rodrigues 

Live Young Die-Cast 

Dog Squab Racing 

Eddy Verdonck

Uncle Elvis. 

Your cars have arrived. 

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StarCorps 2/13/24

Piston Junction has just gotten spookier. Mr. Darq was one thing. But... The Count of CutRock'r takes it up to 11. 

The Count rolled up in 'Vlad the Impala', a 1958 Impala with some deeply troubling modifications. When he came into town, those spikes were mounted on the front of his car, complete with Spencer. 

Spencer lived in the outskirts of Piston Junction, and was a Martian Collaborator... So no one is angry he got impala'd by Vlad. 

But we do have a 'all weapons just be secured and safe' in town ordinance, so we made him take the spikes off. 

Frankly, we are wondering if this Australian is just a really dedicated cosplayer or... If he will exsanguinate the competition.

Submitter: Mark D. Of Cut Rock Racing

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Menoth22 2/14/24

If there is still space would love this to be my first build for race

  • Sling it in! If it arrives late, I will figure something out. — StarCorps

Shotgun Kowboy  Shipping out today! 

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CraigsterSr 2/16/24

The Highway Hooligans are in route... 

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Kingshark 2/16/24

Is it too late to enter?

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StrayDog 2/17/24

StrayDog is the call sign for one of the newest bounty hunters for Comicazi, a small corporation not known for it's racing teams. 

Driving "The Corsair", a Mustang Mach 1 armed with twin AdMech 30mm drum-fed autocannons, it's known he's not only there to race, so speculation is starting to rise who has the price tag on them.

  • nice build! — dr_dodge
  • Thanks! — StrayDog
  • hope we aren't the target, could get ugly — dr_dodge
  • Wouldn't want to be tangling with Kitty.... — StrayDog
  • This is GREAT! I love that you made your own corp. — StarCorps
  • Also, I love that particular figurine. North Star Military Figurines? — StarCorps
  • If I remember right it's North Star. I think it came out of a pack of Gaslands minis, but I have no idea if that's right. — StrayDog
  • Yep, it's right. He's from one of the cop packs. He is obviously a Decker from Blade Runner, and he's perfect. — StarCorps
  • I seem to have misplaced your driver id card. Can you PM me your name and city? — StarCorps
  • Found it. — StarCorps
  • Glad to be found :) — StrayDog
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StarCorps 2/20/24

So far... 

25 teams have arrived in Piston Junction, with 40 cars. There are more cars than that, but each team is only sending two down the track.  

More teams are expected in the next two weeks. 

Teams arrived and cataloged: 

Big Marv (5+ truck)

Mr. Darq (2+ figurine)

Poppa Pugsly (2)

Dr. Dodge (2 + Oil rig)

Fred D. (2) 

Dutch Clutch Racing (1)

NRT racing (3 + Pavilion)

White Knuckle (1 +1 deco car)

Fractal Panda (2)

King Jester (1) 

R-Lo Racing (2)

Essex Boys Racing (2) 

Eddy Verdonck (1) 

Mark D (2 + count + flag + pikes)

Uncle Elvis (2)

Puff (1)

Dog Squab Racing (2)

Liveyoung Diecast (2) 

Feral Patrick (1) 

Aaron Yonda (1)

Spirit of 64 Racing (2 + 2 figurines)

Midnight Smiler (1)

Comikazi Racing (1)

Hot Nutz (2 + 2 figurines)

Milestone Diecast (1)

  • Strange. I have send them the 9 january… i hope they will not be delivered by a canoe over the pond… — Schottys_diecast
  • NRT racing (3 + Pavilion) - Thats you, My man. — StarCorps
  • Uuuupss. Thank you! ;) — Schottys_diecast
  • (insert makin' popcorn sound) — dr_dodge

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