Tournaments and RacingPony Wars 2...This Weekend!

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When: Saturday, April 8, 2017

Pony Cars are generally considered 'Muscle Cars', but Pony Cars are actually their own class...long hoods, two door, and a really short trunk are the basic well as being nimble, 'sporty' cars. Here's a definition of a Pony Car...

I had the initial Pony Wars race 2 years ago and it was a pretty good series. So, I'll be hosting another event this year.

Rules & Restrictions

  • Weight 40 grams
  • Size restrictions; 3.25" long, orange track funny cars
  • Cars per entrant; maximum of 3 cars per entrant...all of different can't have all Camaros or Mustangs...they must be different makes
  • Brand, body style; see above for a description. I would like to keep them to US build cars, but, Nissan Z cars and Toyota Celicas are on the well as a few others
  • Wheel limitations, requirements; FTE wheels are wheel bearings. Must use Hot Wheels style axles
  • Must be drilled rivets
  • Dry lubes only
  • Misc requirements; This is not a reqiirement, but it looks cool...paint your cars "team colors", so your cars are easily identified as 'yours'


TBD. Describe the prize(s) offered. Include an image if available. If there is no prize, delete this section.

How to enter

Post a reply, pics are always nice

Are there any entry or shipping fees? If you'd like your cars back, please include return shipping.

Where to send your cars

Chris Raab

9 Sherman Ridge Road 

Sussex, NJ.   07461

Don't forget to print an ID card with your entry

Entry deadline

April 8th, 2017

Scoring and Winning

1 point per round win, plus an extra point for making it into the finals. The first race will be a drag race...random draw, single elimination. The 2nd race will be an open track race that will also be a random draw single elimination race, but it will take place on an open track. Winner is the car that wins 2 races in a row, on alternate matter how many races it takes to determine a winner.


The Traction Event rule is in place...if your car is 3 grams or more over the 40 gram limit, it will be painted pink, raced, and not, be sure to keep the cars on weight

Tracks & Dates

Series tracks
  • April 8th, 2017, NJ- 72_Chevy_C10 (drags)
  • April 15th, 2017, NJ - 72_Chevy_C10 (open track)

Winners and Results

TBD. Mention the winner, the final results and include a picture of the winning car if available.

I'm in for sure, and I will race a Mustang, Camaro and I will find that Javelin in your honor C10!!! Looking forward to it. On a side note...the wife said I needed another hobby!!!!

I can't find the Javelin...bummer going with a 69 Firebird instead.
On another side note, I was surprised to see Faquay-Varina as a return address...I used to live in Raleigh...had buddies in F-V
Small world sometimes for sure.

I 'm gonna try and get some cars ready for this one.  When you say no wheel inserts/hot wheels style axles does that mean I can't cut the axles and put them in aluminum tubing?  Is the Rodger Dodger acceptible, it's supposed to be based off the '73 charger SE.  Also gonna try the 68' Nova and Plymouth Duster Thruster, garage is finally warming up from the winter cold excited to start modding again.

Axle tubes are 'wheel inserts' I am referring to a metal bushing pressed into the wheels
The Roger Dodger is okay...and the Nova...I'm not sure that a Duster would be considered a Pony Car though

Broke tap in the rodger dodger today, so I went to the toy store and found Barracuda, Javelin, and Challenger.  The Nova is built just needs a paint job and a little weight, for team colors i'm calling dibs on silver primary and black secondary.

I would consider the 69 Pontiac GTO a Pony Car...objections?

Picture of 1969 Pontiac GTO exterior

Yup, GTO is okay :)

How about the Maverick Grabber?

1970 Ford Maverick

Maverick is also okay :)

 Barracuda was a drag body, what about an Olds 442 W-30

4-4-2 is kinda straying over into 'Muscle Car', but the Wiki page says that Cutlesses are, I guess a 4-4-2 would be okay.
But, remember, these things will be going around corners too :)
I'll just use the Javelin then, I'm just trying to use cars that I think other people won't use.

Upon further consideration....the League of Speed will be racing a 67 Mustang GT, 69 Pontiac Firebird and a 69 Pontiac GTO. The team colors will be Glow Orange with Black roofs.

Actually, the 442 Olds and the GTO pictured at that particular time shared the same chassis, grew up in the car business...just study the pics...bodies slightly different, but you can tell....both GMC products.

Cool...go for the 4-4-2!

The Before "Modding" shot
I always forget to do the before shots, i've been working hard and will try and produce a pre-paint shot tonight.
C10 just coached me through how to post pics period today....kid in candy store effect!
good choices as well,
Cool! I'm glad that you've figured out posting pics!

Javelin, Nova, Challenger

solid team there....
Looking Good!

Gonna donate this Fat Fendered '40 treasure hunt to the prize pool, sorry about the quality of my photos I don't have any high def cameras.

TE getting his grudge match swag on already???
Did someone say 'grudge match'? :)

I might have something special for this race... testing a theory. 

Grudge Match?

....a grudge match?????

I feel the Need...the Need for Speed!!!

I like where this thread is going. :)

Final Run ended this casting, but its racing career is never over. It looks like a dryad from a fantasy world should be in the driver's seat of this 93 Camaro.

You boys gonna race them ponies...or whistle Dixie.

Prints  Posters of Clint Eastwood 21892

Hey Guys,

I'll run whatever grudge races you'd like to run :) 

I'll get some builds going soon, so you can see what I'm running as well.

Just let me know what you want to run...and I'll make it happen :)

The bodies are in the paint shop and the chassis are ready to be refit as the donor cars are in the chop shop. Hope to get the bodies off and axels extracted tonight. Good Luck on the builds!!!

One pony getting close. Home track is not set up, so we'll see if it's fast on race day

You like those 2nd Gen without the spoilers, don't ya? :) Looking good!
Always did like a smooth... um... rear end...

OK, I'll share.....if you have a 67 Mustang GT like I'm modding and want to go with FTE's and don't have a another Mustang for the swap.....Ford Shelby GR-1 Concept works great. The fatter back tires make for a more aggressive looking Stang. The 69 Pontiac Firebird matches up nice with the FTE Fast Fish....I had a FTE 69 Pontiac GTO, so that one was cake. I also see some racers are modding second generation Ponies....I like it!!!!

Have you seen any of my posts about axle tubes...tgat might help ya out.
I put axel tubes in that Chevelle SS I raced in the Dragon Wagons
I will do tubes if a straight swap is just hard to accomplish.
If you have an axel that won't work, you still have to pop it out of a donor car.
Okay, just checking...axle tubes help get the width set
I agree

It's to windy in NC to paint today, so I will polish some axels and get one chassis in the jig tonight. 

Progress on 2nd Pony... wing will stay on this one.

Pretty work there TE
Look at those fancy axle tubes :) Looking good, TE!
why didn't you finish filing out the tubing so its half round all the way across?
That's more than enough,filling should be contained within the chassid-IMO
I stopped splitting the axles. I dont think its the way to go.
slot in axle tube, for epoxy to hold axles in place.

Ready to get jiggy with it.

All lined up and ready.

Well, I think there are a few potential Ponys already know the blue one in the middle is one of them, with it's mighty 401! But, I'll have to sort out the other contenders.

Good choices there, and the mighty AMC!!!

Mustang chassis in the jig taking a JB nap

Not windy today but now to cold to apply the primer

Might switch out the Javelin for '68 mustang gasser I had built last summer.  The Javelin is just not passing performance test.

The mighty Javelins aren't for the feign of's not easy to get speed out of an AMC product :)

GTO in the jig

Ok, my team is assembled, just some fine tuning and these are ready to race... Team colors for the most part... Except for the Mustang, bit of a wild hair that one... not known to follow the crowd. 

I'll also post up some race bait, for anyone interested in a Grudge race

Race bait for a Grudge match... You call out one of my cars...and "if" you beat pick one of these cars.

Call out TE. Drag track only. Vs TA.

Official Video and Music of the Grudge Match !!!


Got the bodies primed yesterday and painting the roofs today.....finish the bodies tomorrow. After I get them reassembled and tuned, I will see if any are grudge match worthy. Good Luck on the builds.

Roofs are done

I turned 50 on the 6th...I knew this would be a slow build (s)

I've got a question regarding the rules. I want to enter a 70 Buick Skylark GSX, and to get it to be less like a GSX and more like a stock Skylark, I'd remove the spoiler from the trunk of the casting. Is that against the rules of this race? 

You can remove the spoiler

Also, the Glo - Orange was to over the top, still orange but more the color of the GTO pictured above. 

Maybe TE should use the glow orange and know Hulk Mania colors.
Wife and daughters say go with the back to Glo-Orange

Got to hit it with clear coat, so it will darken up's orange.

Going to paint some details as well, it will help tone it down some.
That is bright!!! we won't miss this on the track, looks great.

Been to cold to paint here in NC last  couple of days, but I'm in the short rows, so making the deadline won't be a problem. I want to get to speed testing to see if I have some grudge match worthy speed or just very bright sacrificial lambs.

My printer is busted (stressing me out) so I made my ID card by hand with all the appropriate information, I hope this is acceptable.  On the bright side I got a new phone so better quality photos. I'll have them shipped sometime this week.

-'68 Nova

-'68 Shelby GT 500

-'70 Dodge Challenger

Good looking team...

My cars are in the mail...

I got your cars yesterday, TE...I haven't opened the box yet
he he... oh I expect a call once you do open the box
I'll check them out this weekend :)

Mine will ship out no later than Monday the 27th, finish things up between now and then.....and I'll be all outta bubble gum by then....only one thing left to do.

Can I use OH5?

Sure thing, not a problem!

Is OH5 OK?


Mine are being shipped

My Lil Ponies

shipping out on Monday 3/27
If the roll as good as they look, we're all in trouble. Nice builds and paint
Mustang had to lose the interior to make weight, interior put it at 42.5g
They all weigh 39.7g
Thanks Guys-Looking Forward to the racing

Sorry for being kinda quiet around here lately...I've been busy on several fronts. Work has been kinda crazy this year...for those new racers that don't know, I work for McFarlane Toys as a 3D modeler...and we have some BIG licenses coming up. This is a good thing, but it makes life a little hectic at times.

Also, I'm going to be rescuing another old truck in a couple weeks...I needed a little bigger truck to do some towing and I found a '73 Chevy Cheyenne 20 down in Georgia...and the price was right. This truck has a cool has been on the same property since 1976, and I will be the 3rd owner. It was just used to drive around a 50 acre hunting property when the retired owner would visit Georgia. It has some bumps and bruises, but the odometer only shows a little under 12,000 miles...and there is a good chance those miles  are legit!

And, I also started an instagram account just for my trucks and's called coololdtrucksandstuff. Check it out. I'll be documenting my trip to Georgia in a few weeks...I hope you'll follow along.

But, for now, I better get building some Pony Cars for next week's  race! Get those cars sent in, Guys!

Good stuff here, low mile vintage Chevys... Nice

What about PR5?

Yup... it the race is in a week...better get them built soon :)

I will.

I don't think my car is going to be fast enough for this event. You guys are just to experienced for me to race this one. Maybe if someone hosts another beginner race, I'd enter. But as it stands, my 70 Skylark just isn't fast enough in testing. Sorry.

send it! you'll never know unless you give it a try.

Will be mailing out my entries tomorrow. I should've named my cars "Team Procrastination".

These are as quick as they can be. The Challenger is the quickest, but the others are better at open track. Charles Darwin would approve.

Lets bring the fun back to racing!!!

Eat My Dust!!!!!!!!!!

atta boy!

Get Some!!!!!

not sure my Mustang will do that... it's "planted" ...

Really not sure what to expect....other than having fun!  The Stang and Firebird were dead even during speed test and got some more speed coaxed outta the GTO, but not enough to challenge the other two. Time will tell the tale.


Grudge match, my Nova vs. TE's Mustang

Accepted* the asterisk will be explained, trust me ... it's me not you. :)
If you win Chris can paint the Nova pink before he sends it back.
sorry...I accidentally hit" report
...nothing to see here...nothing to report

Voxxer sent this to me to post...

Ha! This is shaping up to be a fun one :)

69 Firebird by Restore a Muscle Car ready for SEMA

League of Speed Ponies have reached their destination.....and I sent no bubble gum.


Feel the Heat!!!!

1969 GTO

5 teams have rolled in so far for this one! I'll be getting my cars ready before the, that will make at least 6 teams. It's nice to see some numbers for this race!

The first round will probably be late in the day, on Saturday, with the later round taking place on Saturday night!

Thanks for racing, Guys!

Thanks for all your work putting the race together, I don't see how you do it with all your other projects.

Team Shots...

New Racers...Father & Son

Best use of day glow orange...

You know you've been racing with someone for a long time when you get a car like this...

crammed full of funny!!!!
Ha Ha thats the car I picked for the grudge match.
Hmmm, my scale must be off? Thanks for the sweet paint job. :)
Yeah, JDub, you might want to re-think that grudge race :)
I made my bed i'll sleep in it, the subtle hints in his previous posts should have made it obvious he was up to something.

The Bracket...

The 'Win to Get In' races will happen in a bit...I need to whipe down the track and check that it is running fair

The track is clean and running well...I'm just going to let my phone charge a little more before I run the win to get in races.

Win to Get In round...

Heck of a duel C10...tight race both times
Well, unless a different track changes things up, the FB should beat the GTO
Good racing LoS...door handle to door handle
plenty of close action, TA goes down... Nice win
Thanks TA....GTO still alive

Round 1...

Wow, the GTO runs different on your track
Great race Vox

The next rounds will be after supper, so check in later :)

Round 2...

The GTO battled and did not go quietly into the night
epic battle Big Mike, and LOS!!!!
Excellent racing Big Mike...congrats on the Final 4
Thanks TE.....this rookie is just happy not to be an easy out

Round 3...

Love the cat !!!!!

Round 4 - Finals...

Voxxer is still the man to beat...nice victory
Great racing Big Mike !!!

Grudge Match.....League of Speed Mustang vs Traction Event Z28....if you win you get the Stang....if I win I want the RR Cougar 

I'm up for it.

Thanks for the great race chris. Glad to see the kid go up against voxxer great video thanks for your time

Congrats on a great race!
great to see new faces running well, congrats to all.

Congrats to the winner and to the new faces!  There was good, close racing throughout the bracket...good builds, Guys!

I'm going to push the Open Track race back a week. I was originally going to run it next weekend, but I am going to Georgia on the 17th to get another old Chevy. And I'm going to have a lot of running around to do next week. Getting an open track set up so that it is safe and fair can be pretty tricky, so I want to take a little time tinkering with it before I race on it.

But, I will run the grudge races, if anyone else has any call-outs, let me know!

Thanks for racing!

My FB vs your Jav....just to see if one can get a W
Okay, you're on!
Also, if it's not a problem...would love to see my Stang and GTO go at since the GTO and FB raced I'd like to know which was my best build


Beautiful Battle TE...enjoy the Stang
TIGHT racing LoS... wish it was tighter with Voxxer. Jdubb, you got snookered... keep your paint

Here's your GTO vs Stang, LoS...

GTO takes top billing....thanks C10!!!!

That was fun, only thing better would have been winning the drag portion of Pony Wars 2, however, not discouraged, as it was fun to race Voxxer to gauge where things are at with LoS R and D. Looking forward to the road race action to come and thanks C10 for hosting and doing the Grudge matches. The Firebird was very squirrely but it's chassis did not allow me to put it in the jig...and it showed. The GTO preformed completely different on C10's track....I tested and tuned on a little sprint track I set up going into the had very little run out, which hid the fact that the GTO was a closer...all in all, great experience and a lot of fun. Thanks to all for the  competition and camaraderie.        

Great job hosting, and on race coverage C10!!! As expected this event delivered great action, and close racing. Congrats to all winners, and over all CHAMP..

Hey Guys!

I haven't forgotten about ya! I've just been working on cleaning 40 years of dirt and grime off of the '73 Chevy that I just drove home from Georgia! 

I was looking around the basement to figure out how to lay out the open track...and I've got A LOT of truck parts down there! I can't figure out how that happened! So, I was actually panning on something a little outdoor track! But, of course, I awoke today to rainy day!

I'll get the cars run this way or another. It might just take a little creativity to do it. The plan is to build and test the track today...somewhere. And race tomorrow. 

I'll keep you posted! 

So, I've got some nice weather today...and the track is set up...

I'll get the bracket set up and start the rounds a little later this afternoon 

sounds good and looks like fun!!!

The bracket...

I have to run a couple errands and then I'll start the racing!

Okay, since these videos are longer, the races will be best two out of three, first car to the finish...or the car that goes the furthest...wins.

Win to get in races

Upper bracket

Lower bracket

Round 1

Upper bracket

Lower bracket

put a fender on me and then put me in the grass... sweet racing

Round 2...good racing here...

The final rounds will be after supper...stay tuned!

anything can happen in open wheel racing...

Round 3

Finals and 3rd Place...

Good stuff C10!!! Congrats on the win!!!

That was fun and thanks for hosting and the time involved to do so.

Thanks for hosting C10 great racing. Congratulations on the win. I am just glad to be in the finals. Great event. Cant wait. until the nationals. 

Thanks Guys! I have to admit, that was pretty fun! It was a little tricky filming it...that bank is covered in moss and the footing isn't the best. So, I'm sorry for losing the cars in turn 1 all the time, I was trying to stay upright! ;)

I'll write a little recap on this in the next day or two...Great builds and good racing, Guys!

Nice work and racing all around... Great event

Just wondering if these cars have been sent back?

Or if they got lost in the mail.

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