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LottaSpeedRacing Tuesday, 2/13/2024

I have noticed that some people want to see the same of one style of car, but that isn't too easy. So put your Post Apoctalyptic Vehichles down right here, with customization facts, pictures, background stories, and more if you want to!

I'm lookin' for you, Star Corps!

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Car: Ash Rider

Driver: Evalynn Wheels

The 1971 MGB GT Coupe was first used as a stunt vehicle in Hollywood, CA, back when movies were still made. This was one of four vehicles used in the four movie trilogy. In the movies, this GT was named “Mr. Scott.”

This GT was the major stunt double (Or quadruple, in this case), and went through all the vigorous stunts. It has: Jumped 45+ feet three times, crashed through seven dry walled house sets, 73 feet of flaming road, two barrel jumps 15 feet high, countless ramp jumps, ect.

This was Stunt car #2. The first one failed tremendously after trying to do a simple drift in an empty parking lot. But I was surprised when all the brakes went out. The car was going about 115 mph or so, took a sharp left, flipped over, and did countless rolls at an astonishing speed. It then went up in flames. The set’s fire crew handled the situation right away. When the smoke cleared and the show’s ‘Mr. Scott’ was on a transport trailer, you couldn’t tell that MGB from a Ford Pinto.

After that, our “Ash Rider” was brought in. It didn’t take all stunts too beautifully, especially the 45ft+ ramp jumps. But it was good enough for the camera. But it kept pushing on. Like torture. Not yet dead, but non stopping pain and damage. Which is what Ash Rider had to overcome. Wishing to be one of the hero cars. But now it has the pleasure of being a post-apocalyptic race car.

It was first sold to a collector in 1994, then to an anonymous buyer in 2037. And is now somehow in the possession of Evalynn Wheels, having absolutely no collection or historical value in our society.

Evalynn Wheels has made Ash Rider her lifelong pride and joy. Her and it have been on tracks all over, and just roaming the open sands. Evalynn and Rhoads have known each other from a previous race that she won, and her and Rhoads decided to go together as a team in the first Piston Junction race. And the names really sound good together, too.

With a name like “Evalynn Wheels,” how couldn’t you go into a life of racing.

CAR: Armour Buster

DRIVER: Rhoad Rage

CAR FACTS: A long, long (long, long), time ago, in a designer’s office, was the 1966 Chevy Nova Wagon. About 50 some years later, after production, Lotta Speed Racing used it as one of their racing/stunt vehicles.

Black, gray and red with the number ‘13’ on the sides, iconic “Lotta Speed” striped on the back sides, then one day, during one of the Lotta Speed thrills rallies, were ramps, flames, explosions, the everytime thrill investors, well, here comes the #13 up the ramp, which of course triggered many pyrotechnics, goes in the air, tilts back, gets the whole back end scrunched up.

Perfect record, Lotta Speed stunt driver “Allen Irins,” gets serious consequences, bringing him to the end of his career.

There are an exact eleven other stories just like this one, enough to fill a page or six. The wagon was sealed and closed off by the Lotta Speed higher-ups, and stripped of it's number, sponsors and the 'Lotta Speeds," out of worry of what’ll happen on the 13th run.

Until three months ago from today. The only vehicle available to Rhoads, who takes in no fear, for the Piston Junction WMD Invitational Season. 

Although he takes in no fear, he is thought to substitute paranoia for fear. Before doing any performance customization, he went right onto weapons and armor.

Equipped with four small missiles, a rocket, two gatling guns, and rear and back armor is all that Rage needs to be fine with being on a track with vehicles like his.

My third post-apocalyptic car is an '68 Custom Camaro.

My little sister designed where the weapons should go, and the color. So it was silver with purple trim, a big mimi gun mounted on the top, and a bent bar in the back.

CAR: Heavy Speed

DRIVER: Book Paige

BACKGROUND STORY: Late ago, the '68 Camaro was every ones favorite speed queen. It had every thing that you would ever need for fun racing.

Anyway, when the Camero was first sold in 1968, a man named Bartholomew Spears wanted to make is coustom enough to look like a whole new car! Fins on the back, upgraded engine, and different on-dash updates.

The car has been in his possesion for about twenty years, drag racing, cross country, etc. Then Mr. Spears got arrested and had to serve a nickle behind steel. After he got out, he was frightened to even get into a V4. So then saw the 1990 Pontiac Sunbird Convertable. With only a two cyinder engine, and the peacfullness of the interior, the comfort he got just driving it, he decided to sell the Camero.

It was sold to Lotta Speed, who took over for the fastness and racing.

And in some point in the time line from 2004 and now, it was closed off with many other Lotta Speed cars.

Then Book found the old relic, and needed it to be used as a racer, with the societies style, so she got a large mini gun mounted on the top. One shot from that thing could blow off any oncoming missile or rocket with ease.

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