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Pro Series: Fantasy Fallout, December

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Hard to fit weights in this but it's time for a comeback!

I changed my mind. Noodle Lead!

Packed and ready to ship. Looks like a bird's nest.

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JDC442 12/2/16

Double Dragon on a Power Panel base

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JDC442 12/4/16

This Double Dragon build is me experimenting with a split axle -four good wheels on four half axles (nickle).  It rolls straight and the wheels spin well, but it's a bit noisy on the track and doesn't coast the distance of some of my better builds.  

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EconoCarl 12/5/16

Shipping out tomorrow

  • uh-oh... were you and JDC working together again? — Traction-Event
  • Maybe, but I'm hoping Carl will carry this team. My dragon won't be breathing any fire — JDC442
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EconoCarl 12/5/16

Is it just me, or does the Noodlehead look an awful lot like a car?

  • Certainly less fantastic than dragons...but at this point I'm done arguing. — redlinederby
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redlinederby 12/5/16
Site manager

Just a friendly reminder to get your cars out this week. I'll be making PO stops throughout the weekend and last one next Monday.

On another I was prepping my track for the run, I discovered the battery back in my finish line had a leaky battery and it no longer works. So while I plan on replacing the battery pack, I don't know if that's possible before I need to run the cars, sooo...

...the only alternative I have readily available is the classic Mattel V-Drop flag that I was using before I got all fancy. It still works and should be plenty for this tournament but wanted to get some thoughts from competitors first. 

If we want to use the electronic finish line there's a chance the racing might not happen until after the holidays. If we go with the replacement, things will roll and get wrapped up as scheduled.

But nonetheless...please chime in...

  • I could ship mine to you if you'll return it after the race. I think it's the same one you use or close enough — JDC442
  • Thanks for the offer but the cost of shipping isn't worth it. I'm not sweating it that much. — redlinederby
  • as long as we get a fair race... I'm good with the hosts decision. — Traction-Event

When the finish gate at C4 broke, we had half a dozen spectators stand by the finish gate to determine the winner.

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VoxxerRacing 12/6/16

Car shipped today.  On the light side,only 65 g.    Voxxer   

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aircooled 12/7/16

Car is in the mail, will be there Saturday.

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