Ramp Height and Length?

Freedom_DieCast_DragRacing Saturday, 6/15/2024

I had a comment on one my youtube videos stating my ramp is too steep and too short. How does a track builder determine what is right or wrong? Is there such a thing? Should it be up to the builder to decide what works best for them?


there is no such thing as wrong... simple as that.

There are no rules/official sanctioning that I am aware of. Your track is fun, neat and well received from what I can tell.

This is what we like to call a big Junkyard Joust moment

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Chaos_Canyon 6/15/24

People will always tell you that you've done it wrong and you should change your track etc, (usually people who have never built a track before or don't run a channel etc),so unless there is something constructive in the comments - like it's too steep because the cars can't make a turn or bounce off track at the transition etc then I'd just ignore it.

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Jezter 6/15/24

Your track is fine, and fun to watch. Ignore them, and always remember if you are having fun then you are doing it right!

Chaos_Canyon is correct for sure. Someone will always complain!! Your track your way! You know how much room you have you know what works for you. You know what's fun for you go with it. 

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Banjo 6/16/24

Your track, your rules. Everything else is opinion. Looks like a great track. 

I just finished a Tournament. Check out a Race, Now I am getting ready for the Run with the Bog Dogs Race. The entries are all Bone Shakers, As the track stood they wouldn't make it down on a regular basis. In fact it was very rugged for the test cars.

So a week of testing and adjusting I finally came up with a Sweet spot. It's just Testing as to the likes of the Running of cars. In doing so I have slowed down the rides and they run the Track Great. As well as 4 cars at once is a better Race as old setup they flew! Now they run very nice. Originally it took me a year+ to refine it.

  • Nice work adjusting for the entries. — Dutch_Clutch_Racing
  • And By the way, AS the Guys say ( Its your Track Your Design ) So you are the Master. I always take Positive Critisem, Its bottom line Enjoyment for the Teams and anyone who enjoys Good racing and my Crazy Announcing. — Bent_Rod_Racing
  • What adjustments were made that you found? Helped the bone shakers get down the track better? Curious from a track design perspective and troubleshooting difficult castings. — Milestone_Racing
  • Dusty, I took out the Bump ( Bone Spur ) , lowered the start ramp by 4 3/4" and took out the 6" piece of track at end of divided lanes. Even a Stock Bone will make it, Was testing with a Old one at 50 Grams as well as 70 and 80 Gram cars. Will be posting a clip of what I did and as starting time Trials for this weekend — Bent_Rod_Racing
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Beaverworx 6/20/24

Ramps are amazing! Trial and error is the best at finding the best results for your track and your looks sweet!! Keep punching out the matieral and the improvments will come with the expiriance.

The very person making this comment is an obnoxious ”keyboard racer" with no clue at all, who disqualifies himself on a permanent basis with weird comments on various channels. Ignore him. I like your track. And others seem to like it as well. And you like it. Which is the only important thing.

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