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There was a toy show in town this weekend so I took the kid and spent a few hours roaming aisle after aisle knee deep in GI Joes, Transformers, He-Man and Hot Wheels. My kid scored a few Barbie dolls while I found myself a few mainlines I didn't have in fantasy league collection.

My kid loves Ghostbusters and likes to race with me as much as she likes her Barbie, so when she spotted a Slimer Bread Box, we couldn't pass it up.

Also found this weekend, in the wild at Meijer, were a Skyline I figured I'd never get along with another Datsun wagon (can't have enough of them).

What have you found recently? Post a photo and let us know where you found them...

Just picked up 10 of these FTE '70 Plymouth Superbirds.

Watched it for awhile on Ebay

I won a nice 30 car lot of NASCAR 1/64 scale cars to use on upcoming races!

2017 Matchbox L Case Has Arrived!

Decent deal off Ebay...slightly less than $3 per car including shipping

Love them Lakesters but I can never keep the wheels from getting bent! Its like they have paper for axles. 

The FTE  Superbird haul....4 will be kept Stock...2 will be Modified themselves and 4 will be donors for other cars, one is another Superbird I've had that's not going to see if I can make a decent car outta it now.

Nice Mopars! But then again, I'm sort of partial

Hot Wheels show today...

nice haul!!!

$12.50 with Free Shipping....basically $2.10 per car...6 cars...2 Ferrari 458 Italia's FTE included were the target cars.

all good donors there... 458's getting tougher to fine these days
I'll mod the Grand Sport Vette as is and hopefully get one fast staock 458 outta the deal and mod the other.
the rest will be donors unless they show me something on the track

Still need one in the blister pack, but I've got one to modify now....hard to find car.

Race Aces Country Club Muscle

Hot Wheels Redlines Army Staff Car At Thrift Store!

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