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Redline Derby Showroom thread

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NASCAR Generations:

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Fat_Dad 2/7/24

A few custom diecast just completed:

71 Plymouth GTX for American Muscle at MCM

GunsNRoses Nascar Camaro for NASCAR Generations at TTC

And for fun, a "back-up" car for the Generations Tournament. 

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FredD 2/7/24

Busted Bison

  • Is it just the paint/livery or did you make some structural changes. It looks... lower? — Fat_Dad
  • It has the original chassis and all the rest you see. No changes were made to adjust the ride height or wheel base or chassis. BUT! I removed the center section, cut it up to lower the body and kept some of it to keep the internal appearance. I flipped the body on the chassis so back bumper is now front. So overall, it is lower. — FredD
  • Nice! Can't wait to see how it runs with the lower body! — StrayDog

MCM American Muscle,  45 Gram Lean Cougar

  • Oh man...I gotta compete against that! — Dutch_Clutch_Racing
  • Been some really nice Cougars ripping Papas Track up already. — Bent_Rod_Racing
  • Sweet! I picked up one of these recently for a nascar makeover... looks good! — FredD
  • TY Fred,The SafeWay up here has a Load of Hotwheels and if I get lucky I can find some castings from 2022. — Bent_Rod_Racing
  • Sweeeet! — Fat_Dad
  • Light weight will probably help it through the butterfly… Glad to have another Washington rep at MCM Muscle! Gotta represent — ConMan_Customs
  • Very nice work! — G_ForceRacing
  • Nice! — StrayDog
  • Thank you guys! Have to hit Post office monday as got notice about package, Hope its on the way! — Bent_Rod_Racing
  • ooh hope its you timer!!! — G_ForceRacing
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Fat_Dad 2/10/24

My pair of Maximum Leeways headed to Knobby Ridge Speedway Super Late Model Tournament:

Tried something new (the dark one) that I think turned out pretty cool. 

  • nice! — dr_dodge
  • Increased aerodynamics by closing off the windows....interesting! — Dutch_Clutch_Racing
  • looks like a wrap? — FredD
  • Nice! — StrayDog
  • Yeah! I've been experimenting with wrapping bc I am not a good painter and then this Super Late Model Tournament at Knobby Ridge came up and I wondered if I could take on a Maximum Leeway. I'm fairly happy with the results but I will definitely continue to practice! wrapping — Fat_Dad
  • nice... good experiment. — FredD
  • Have to watch those fly down the Track, Was wondering what that stuff was. — Bent_Rod_Racing
  • wraps can be cool, and they can be mega frustrating! I've had good results, and some totally sucked — G_ForceRacing

Miss Emily of Road Rage Racing at the Grand Prix of Oregon, qualifying for the pole position.

10 of us at a local Hotwheels drag strip took home this same marketing promo casting. ( Company logo I blocked out in the pictures).The challenge - modify to your desire - no rules - race them next Wednesday night.   

  • very cool — dr_dodge
  • great casting! looking good! — FredD
  • Why'd you cover the sponsor?!?!? That's the best part for us to see! — LottaSpeedRacing
  • I'm proud to say that out of what ended up being 17 trucks....the one above with the gold wheels was tonight's winner! Feels pretty good after a few slow showings I've had on Red Line Derby races lately. — Dutch_Clutch_Racing
  • grats! yea, I was winning at the local drag strip, and come here and see how fast I NOT am — dr_dodge
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FeralPatrick 2/11/24

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Fat_Dad 2/12/24

My entries for Maximum Carnage 2024 at Comet Tail Raceway complete and in the mail today. The Maxima Drift Wagon is the second diecast car that I have wrapped and I am very happy with the results :

My 1968 Custom Camaro, not for Piston Junction's race, but hope-fully for their next one.

  • Ohh yess. I love the 68 camaro. Cool exhausts! I could be that it is a bit to low to race. But looks great!!!! — Schottys_diecast
  • It's pretty low on the sides and front, the sides arn't mmuch of a worry, but I am thinking about trimming the front. — LottaSpeedRacing
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Kingjester 2/20/24

Competing in Gravity throttle racings Baja bison tournament, 55 grams.

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