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redlinederby Thursday, 4/28/2016
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Tournament organizers have the freedom to choose the rules, conditions and regulations of their tournament, as well as how and when it is raced and managed. Organizers/hosts are expected to clearly communicate tournament rules and conditions while answering any questions the community may have regarding their event.

For more guidelines and details, please read through the official Redline Derby Racing hosting guidelines

Prize Tournaments

It is encouraged, but not required, that organizers offer a prize for any tournament or series. Tournament prizes should fall into one of two categories:

  • Pink Slip prize, winner gets all the entry cars
  • Prize Pot, winner gets a specific item or items

Pink Slip tournaments

Pink Slip tournaments are ones where the prize is all the cars that were entered in the tournament. This means everyone that doesn't win will not get their cars back - they will go to the winner of the tournament. This applies to modified class and stock class tournaments.

For these tournaments, entrants should not be allowed to offer a substitute or replacement car for their entry. Whichever car is entered is the car that goes into the prize pot for the winner - no questions asked.

If you don't want to run the risk of not getting your car back, you should either a) not enter the tournament, or b) enter a car that you are comfortable losing should you not win.

Prize Pot tournaments

Prize Pot tournaments are more traditional in that they offer a prize or prizes to the winner. In these tournaments, entrants will have their entry cars returned after racing is completed.

Suggestions for prize items include unopened premium cars, car packs, gift cards, track packs, accessories or other diecast toys and merchandise.

At this time, the total value of any tournament prize pot should not exceed $50. The race organizer is responsible for providing the prize and shipping it to the winner.

At no time and in no way shall there be any cash prize pots for any tournament or series.

Regardless of which type of tournament you're hosting, you should always be as specific as possible in your tournament description, rules and conditions. You should denote in your post whether your tournament is a prize pot or pink slip tournament. Use the mail-in tournament template to help cover the basics when you make your post.

The organizer/host of the tournament has final say in any dispute or concern. 

As mentioned, all event organizers are free to run their races as they see fit and offer the prizes they want. But Redline Derby Racing is not obligated to promote or share events that may violate these guidelines. Redline Derby Racing reserves the right to remove any event that doesn't follow these guidelines without notice.


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EconoCarl 4/29/16

As it should be. Thanks Brian.

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CrzyTrkrDude 4/29/16

Can not be any clearer than that.

  • I was going to say the same thing. Thanks Brian. — Dadvball

Just like playing marbles when I was a kid.  Matches were friendly or for keeps.  Should be standard.

I wouldn't want this to preclude unusual rule races...ante up races, you get your car back but you must buy in with a prize for the winner....or losers lose all race where only the winner gets their car back and everyone else's car goes to a "winner" of their choice (like top finishing import, lightest car not in last place...whatever).

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