RIP: Ken Block

redlinederby Tuesday, 1/3/2023
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Waking up to the news of Ken Block's death was a bummer...not a good way to start off the end of a holiday break and heading back to work.

I'm not the biggest "car guy" in the world. I'm not a car performance person...I don't know horsepowers, or torques, or gear ratios or any of that stuff. But I like cars. I like the beauty, the art, and the speed. It's entertainment and rally racing was one of my first entries into a love of cars going fast and doing things that they probably shouldn't. Ken Block was a part of that along with Sebastien Loeb and a host of others. It was appointment viewing for me back in the days of the Speed Channel.

Block's talent was immense as was the entertainment he created with his crew and his family. I like to think there is a host of young folks that watched him and said, "I want to do that," not unlike many do with other athletic heroes. I didn't grow up with Ken Block but he's one of the few atheltes that caught my attention as an adult and one I loved to watch and follow. His Hoonigan brand is something I also admired and something I had once thought RLD could be modeled didn't quite work out that way but it was always a dream. 

The universe has spoken and sadly it took away a good dude way too soon.


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Numbskull 1/3/23

Sad news indeed.  Watching him drive always brought a smile to my face.  I will miss him.

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GT_Diecast 1/3/23

Dude! I didn't know that! The moment I saw the title of this thread I was like, what! Seriously! :0

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chargert68 1/3/23

sad i have seen almost every video.

Great words! You found exactly my thoughts!!!!!!!

It's a big loss to the automotive world...Block had that amazingly grounded personality that made you immediately like the guy...he was a BOSS in everything he did and I really hope his legacy lives on in his Daughter. It's truly a sad day for the automotive enthusiast 

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MrDarq 1/4/23

Sad news!! Was a huge loss to the racing community!!

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H3zzard 1/4/23

I saw that first thing yesterday morning, and immediately thought: "Well, that's 2023 ruined already" 

Let's hope that Ken's legacy will continue and inspire more people going forward. RIP. 

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dr_dodge 1/4/23

race on Ken


my fav vid, my home town (buffalo, ny)

He was much too young, and such an iconic driver. 

Life is fleeting. Death sucks.

RIP Mr. Block

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