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RLD Summer Pro-Am official thread

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pupulesurfer 2/24/21

Woo! Excited for this, thanks to all the hosts!

I have no idea what questions I'll have or if I bring a fresh perspective but I look forward to the learning process.

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Go_Time 2/25/21

If an amateur drops out and cant send in a build...I can send a car in.  The wheels might be super glued to the axles tho...

  • Cool. I'll add you to the waitlist and let you know if anyone drops — redlinederby
  • Please submit the sign-up form if you haven't already, to be added to the waitlist. — redlinederby
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ChiefWopahoo 2/25/21
2020 Rated Rookie

The Chief just about has his pro entry ready to go. A final buff n polish and this euro monster will be ready to own the lanes and burn the flat tracks. 

  • How did you go from this to an Unobtanium 1? — The_Commish

Looking forward to it!!!

Rubber Tow from Monster Motorsports Diecast Racing just had his new ride for the RLD Summer Pro Am finish its diagnostics check at the Pacific Rim Speedway tuning garage. The #2 Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution is known as Gypsy Raz'r.

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Uncle_Elvis 2/27/21

Now that we have been announced, when are we getting our partners? In case we want to do a theme and need to coordinate 

  • I love this idea! — pupulesurfer
  • Grab yer partner, do-si-do, it’s off to the races we must go ....... — SpyDude
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MrDarq 2/27/21

Ahh boo didn’t make the list, if you have a drop out please be sure to reach out, i’m still an amateur but willing to race the pros. :)

  • Cool, you'll be on the backup list. Thanks. — redlinederby
  • Please submit the sign-up form if you haven't already, to be added to the waitlist. — redlinederby
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SpyDude 3/1/21

So when will the racers be matched up?  And who is working on that duck car? :p

  • We'll do teams this week one night, checking my schedule... — redlinederby
  • Cool. Karma dictates that I'll probably get a member of my fan club. Should be a hoot. Lol! — CrazyEights
  • Would you complain? LOL — Mattman213
  • No! I'm sure there's something to learn no matter who my partner is. Actually I have a list of castings. If my partner is one of the elite I want their input on which one to build. — CrazyEights
  • I still learn from folks big and small in this hobby so this will be a fun time and I look forward to seeing what incan glean from it as well — Mattman213
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CrazyEights 3/2/21

Since the site is back up to snuff are we still gonna draw this week?

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redlinederby 3/3/21
Site manager

Yes...sorry it took a little bit to get scheduled but we'll do a team pairings tomorrow night (Thursday) at 10PM ET. I'll record a live stream and we'll see what happens. Should work fine.

Team pairings live stream Thursday night (3/3) at 10PM ET

Click here to watch on YouTube

  • Cool. There's nothing on TV tomorrow night but wrestling and Snowfall, so I'll something else to look forward to. Now back to these wonky ass wheels. You believe how many wheels I've trashed today in order to find a straight set. — CrazyEights
  • Wait a minute. What wrestling you watching on Thursdays? — Uncle_Elvis
  • Thursday is the 4th. It's my mom's birthday, so I can't forget that. — GenX_VintageRacing
  • Lol! Glad you said something. AEW is tonight. I need coffee! — CrazyEights
  • Awesome! I have plans at that time so I'll probably miss it but look forward to seeing who my mentor/teammate will be! — pupulesurfer
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redlinederby 3/4/21
Site manager

Had a thought for a maybe fun idea for the pairing raffle tonight...what if there was one space on the Wheel O Randomness that allowed the amateur to pick their pro...? Might be the first, might be middle, might be last...dunno. But also, you gotta be there in chat to qualify. If you're not present, the wheels spins again and you get whoever.


My only hesitation was not everyone being able to watch it live...but...part of the draw, man...

I guess this is mostly asking the amateurs on the roster. No big deal if the herd doesn't want it...just thought it could add some (fair-ish) fun since people have asked about picking their teams.

  • This has nothing to do with the fact I won't be able to watch (there is a slim chance I can be there so I'm hoping it works out) but just my opinion on the matter in general. The amateurs vary is skill and knowledge. That knowledge can also apply to know who is who. So if someone who knows people gets the lottery, they'll be at a bigger (perceived or not) advantage to someone who doesn't and would then be able to pick a very good pro to team up with, provided they are still available. The lesser knowledgeable Amateur could pick a less than ideal Pro to team up with. Like if we were picking teams for a game of pickup football, I would know to pick Tom Brady over Mark Sanchez but if you've never watched football before or were new to the game, you'd think Mark is younger and more agile so he'd be the better choice. Or, in other words, you could end up picking a Pro that doesn't mesh well with your personality/abilities/etc and having a random draw would have been better for you than picking someone you don't know. Again, this could all just be a perceived advantage/disadvantage and not based on my personal experience, just what others have pointed out to me in the past. Another point is, as you said, not everyone would get to join in. I know the whole mentality for "Must be present to win" and that is 100% valid. This doesn't feel or seem the same. The present to win system is based on everyone already having agreed to be at the event in the first place. However, this had a date and time picked that works for you (totally okay and perfectly fine to do so) but if that didn't jive with someone else's schedule, they are no longer present to win and they never had the opportunity to adjust their calendar or make the plans to be available in order to be present in the first place. All that said, I do think it is a fun aspect to add to this and look forward to whichever decision you make. For the record, I'm good with whatever, just wanted to point some things out that I have learned from past similar experiences. — pupulesurfer
  • I have no say but I dont mind the idea. If someone new doesnt know who is who, they can go look at their stats and get a better idea! Just click "Members" at the top and your there. — Mattman213
  • Totally valid...and thanks for your insight. It was a last minute idea in the first place, seeing if I could jazz it up. But to be fair too, I should have promoted it with some more lead time and that didn't happen. And because time zones too. — redlinederby
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CrazyEights 3/4/21

I'll probably be there but I'm gonna say NO. Say someone can't be there for a really important reason and they win amateurs choice with the big dogs still on the board. They get a chance to finally watch it and see they lost out on the winning hand because life came first. Keep it fair. Keep it random.

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