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RLDRL February Race

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Obviously this Race already happened... Will there be any video or any posting of the results yet?

  • Race has not happened yet...been down with a back issue since Saturday — LeagueofSpeed
  • Ahhh man sorry to hear that!hope you feel better soon, so take your time and heal right! — RIVERA_RACING

We go Green tomorrow night...27 car field for February...Bracket is set...5 cars received a Bye into the Rd of 16...Rd of 22 sets the tone...those who received Byes get a point.

North271 Racing...G-Force Racing...Outlaw Racing...41-14 Racing and ND Racing received a Bye and a point.

  • Lookin forward to seeing how it goes down. — Mattman213
  • I just hope my car makes it down the track — Mayfield41

Do we have any update on this?

  • I got gapped bad then the car that took me out was eliminated next round. I was slow — Mayfield41
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Mattman213 2/24/20

Awesome footage as always, can only imagine what the pup was thinking in that one shot LOL.  Thanks for putting this on...the ole Boogeyman stayed together for me woohoo!!!


  • Thank You...nice win for the Boogeyman...had some fun afterwards...only two cars my GTX I couldn't out run were the Boogeyman(great Rd of 8 battle) and G-Forces red NASCAR — LeagueofSpeed
  • That's awesome. I really like the GTX-1 casting alot and will likely mod one down the road. What was Voxxers car??? That thing was slick looking and quick as well! Quite a few quick cars this time around so I'm extra happy with the ole POS Ferrari! — Mattman213
  • Vox's was a CCM — LeagueofSpeed
  • Oh interesting I couldn't recognize it slicked out like that! — Mattman213

All RLDRL February Cars will mail out today 2/28 and Saturday 2/29

  • AWESOME! I need my losers from the other races for Worpex's redemption race! — Mattman213
  • Enjoy my slooooow baja bug. Good luck getting it apart. Gorilla glue to the frame. — Mayfield41
  • Lol I meant MY loser cars. Worpex's race is for cars you built that didn't finish in the top 3 and the package LOS is sending my way has all of mine lol — Mattman213

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