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RLDRL October - Tecumseh Proving Grounds

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GoldenOwl 10/16/20

Her we go my 3rd ever race build. I call her "The Witches Slipper" Looking forward to seeing how well she competes! 

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GhostRacing 10/20/20

Gotta bow out of the race. Is there any reason why the mailing address can't be posted with the rules of the race?

Gold luck to all the racers. I'll try and catch up in November.

  • I don't know. — NDeavers80
  • I don't recommend people post their personal information - home address, phone, etc - just as a good online practice. I ain't gonna stop anyone but better to not do that on any site out in the open anyway. — redlinederby
  • I have seen other event holders post the address with the rules, but I believe it's usually a P.O. Box.. When I eventually have an event at my track, I won't post my address out in the open. — Peter_Bee
  • Its as easy to post in here as it is to ask the host for their address in a message. Luckily, here soon Ill likely have most of the Host's addresses saved on my UPS account and wont need to keep asking (PM's get removed after a while I noticed). — Mattman213
  • I think the end of this year I'm going to close the doors on the build shop and start a track. I've got a great space and once I do get the planned course up I'm going to be doing a monthly series so I'll get a po box — NDeavers80
  • I asked for the address, but it was last minute. And with people having lives and being no way for someone to get notified they have a new message it cantake a while for a response. It was partially because my week was hectic and forgot to ask earlier. But is there a way to maybe have a track directory for members only? — GhostRacing
  • So you're not racing anymore, Nick? Will you're event be mod or stock or both. — CrazyEights
  • I will race again but hoping to take some time off because I keep coming up with excuses to keep from track building. So no more excuses... it will be open to both — NDeavers80
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NDeavers80 10/25/20

  • Right on! Thanks for hosting this race. — GoldenOwl
  • You're welcome — NDeavers80
  • Wow these cars were fast! I know I’m new and have a quite a bit to learn. This race only fired me up to build a better car. Look forward to racing with y’all again really soon! — GoldenOwl
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Mattman213 10/25/20

Wooooh man I got my butt kicked!!!!  Yall sent some wicked quick Mods, congrats to the faster members and Penguin...keep whooping up on ole Dad (and the rest of us) HA!  Luke was cheering for you!


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BlueLineRacing 10/26/20

Thanks for hosting. Sorry you had so few enteries. Seems to be a busy month for people and with all the delayed races maybe some people are hesitant to enter. I wouldn't take it personally.

  • I won't — NDeavers80
  • Do not forget the turn around from this race being announced to the due date was really short — Uncle_Elvis
  • That's true — NDeavers80
  • Yeah man keep hosting, your track setup is awesome! I need more events to figure out how to go fast on it!!!! — Mattman213
  • I'm for sure going to keep doing events. I'm working on how to properly do a bracket race. — NDeavers80
  • Hang bracket race do you mean like real, bracket racing? Where cars dial in times and then start according to that dial in so (in theory and when sandbagging doesnt occur) they hit the finish line at the same time and closest to their time without breaking out wins??? I HATE that crap when Im at the track BUT to see it done in 1:64 would be MIND blowing HA!!!!!!!!!!! — Mattman213
  • Yes matt that's exactly what I'm talking about — NDeavers80
  • Wooooooooooooooooaaaaaaaah. Color me intrigued!!!! Would make for alot of close close finishes without sandbagging tampering with it or driver's reaction times coming into play. Look forward to seeing what your scheming up over there! — Mattman213
  • Its going to come down to building a consistent car — NDeavers80
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Peter_Bee 10/26/20

Thanks for hosting and posting the video promptly. When I saw the turnout, I got excited because I knew I could get a Top 10 finish! The Tecumseh Proving Grounds will now be a sentimental favorite of mine as the site of my first RLD Podium finish. Thanks again Nick and see ya at the races!

  • You're welcome Good runs from that Corvette — NDeavers80
  • Yeah that car was rolling, especially out of the gate! Congrats and great build. — Mattman213
  • Thanks Nick. I wish it were a little more consistent, but 1 thing at a time. I'm happy with it. — Peter_Bee
  • Thanks Mattman. 4 months in and I get my first podium finish. Exciting! Gotta keep improving though... — Peter_Bee
  • Thats quick learnin right there, now to figure out how to STAY up there. It comes and goes for me lol, one second Im hot the next...Im back to losing first round HA — Mattman213
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NDeavers80 10/26/20

Cars are ready to be returned didn't have time before work will do tomorrow

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NDeavers80 10/27/20

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Peter_Bee 11/2/20

I got my car back today! Feels good to get my car back promptly from a race.

Thanks for being a courteous host Nick.

Take care and see ya at the races!

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