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What cars have you found lately?

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Spirit_Of_64 8/28/23

Recently found the elusive Nissan 5-pack at a Walgreens of all places(it was literally the only Hot Wheels item in their toy section).  When I went to check out I actually got the "Your son's sure gonna enjoy these" line from the cashier. son...that's the ticket...

  • I have found some good 5 packs at walgreen, went with my wife one day driven her around, and dropped $60 on — dr_dodge
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Mony_Mony 9/8/23

Found a freshly cracked J-case today at Target.  Not all are from J-case, I've been eyeing the Quick Bite for a few days:

Anyone looking for these Red Editions?  I picked up multiples and am looking to trade for VW.

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Mony_Mony 9/8/23

Found freshly cracked L- and M- cases at Walmart earlier this week:

Anyone looking for the Silver AMG 560 or the Indigo DMC-12? I picked up multiples and am looking to trade for VW.

Dollar Tree finds earlier this week:

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FredD 9/9/23

Very nice! Living in a small town in NW North Carolina, my options are very limited. The local Walmart is often out of stock on most cars and the good search cars never even make it to the display ailse.


F'D Racing

  • FredM if you haven't been to one of these, you should. check it out. Typically lots of great finds. — AP3_Diecast
  • Thanks for the heads up! — FredD
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redlinederby 9/9/23
Site manager

I've never seen the wheels that are on that Alfa Romeo...they are bad ass! Gonna have to keep an eye out for that one. Nice casting to boot!

  • good eye — dr_dodge
  • Easily my favorite car for this year. Just picked one up this week finally. — AP3_Diecast

So, any of those Fo racin, or...

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Mony_Mony 9/9/23

Took my dupes to the C4 meetup today, traded a bunch for these: The VWs are not fo racin

I think I found a new favorite mainline casting...for now at least. 

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dr_dodge 9/15/23

Some cars and 14 packs of microtrack

and plenty on the pegs

each pack is 2 ft of straight tracks alone

plus all the other pieces

1/160 drag strip incoming, get your micromachines ready!


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dr_dodge 9/16/23

#0017 is the car I drive in reality,

so dr exists in 1/160, too

this project is out of control


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