Sloppy Stoppa... stop blocks for DRAG TRACKS .

model40fan Friday, 1/30/2015

  I used the female end of a section of DT track to make the 6" incline section... With the leftovers I made a box to retain the multi density foam stop-blocks, I cut a slot in the $1.67 - 4" x 4" electrical box and trimmed away the outer DT track section... The remaining DT "tab" will slide on top of the box's remaining bottom surface... It is elastic powered so the foam compresses and the whole box slides back 1/2" on impact, separate foam blocks for each lane to come... The leftover section I used had the hot wheels connectors trimmed from the DT section ... top ;

The stock $1.67 electrical box ;

The Sloppy Stoppa box ;

The track and box, position before impact ;

The Sloppy Stoppa unit,  extended after impact ;

The elastic will mount over a screw, jam-nut, washer and nut run through the raised center strip and between the foam blocks....


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model40fan 2/1/15

Trimmed and drilled for the elastic to mount, using the holes on the back panel, for a screw installed as a centering guide and an anchor for the elastic ;

Bottom side ... Note the gussets had to be removed to add a DT connector, for clearance under the DT tab and for the screws ;

Multi density foam blocks for each lane to come...

If any are interested, I can make one with the track section reversed, so it can plug into a DRAG TRACKS finish line....

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model40fan 2/1/15

The DT plug-in stopper ;

   I grabbed a new black DT section, put on a piece of masking tape with an arrow on it because with this application the direction is opposite to most DT stuff...

 Wanted to determine what length... seeing C10 & TE's tracks,  probably shorter the better... Then I noticed the track's gussets could be seen from the top... Wow, I ran my finger over it, you can definitely feel it... It has to affect the cars... lane 2 was much worse as lane 1 was smooth in the center of the section... Checked, all 4 were the same...

  NOW, my sections were from a 4 pcs. track-pack not from a race set...  Please check yours to see if the raised pattern is only with the separate TRACK-PACKS... thanks

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model40fan 2/1/15

Added the duct tape covered foam blocks, taped off the outside of the box, drilled and mounted the elastic's anchor screw ;

Bottom side of the foam blocks cut for elastic clearance ;

Approach shot ... shows clearance for the elastic to work ;

Stoppa ready for action ;

Note the male Drag Tracks connector... The  DT finish line uses those connectors in both directions,

 These Stoppas will slide right onto you Drag Tracks  finish line...

  • very cool, Smitty! — 72_Chevy_C10
  • c10, i'll send you a prototype for some high speed testing... — model40fan

Smitty sent me one of these stoppers, to mess around with it. And since I was waiting out the storm today, I figured I would give it a try.

It works GREAT! 

It you are running a drag track set-up, you might want to hit Smitty up for one if these. They have just a nice amount of 'recoil' to stop the cars and send them back up their lanes about 5-6 feet (on my current set-up).

You wouldn't think it is a big deal, but if you are doing a lot of racing, it is nice to have a good way to stop the cars...and it saves some walking too!

Nice job, Smitty!

  • thanks for the pat on the back... glad it's works...perfect if you don't have much room... — model40fan
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model40fan 2/9/15

If needed I can do a HW orange track to this sloppy stoppa conversion...

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72_Chevy_C10 2/10/15

Since I've been tinkering with my Trans-Am cars, I figured I shoot a little video showing how well Smitty's Stopper works...

Smitty's Sloppy Stopper:

Check out how nice and slow the cars come back up their lanes!

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model40fan 2/11/15

Used the male ends of my DT track scraps, $1.67 electrical box, $0.35 in nuts n' screws and soft foam to make a few Sloppy Stoppas... Will donate one to  RLD Series Hosts with DT sets who want one... go RLD racers go !

Got a stoppa from Smitty, dig it and the idea behind it.  I did change mine a bit, I flipped the rubberband so it goes under the track and the bolt that holds it. shorter button head bolt on top of the track,. this way if the cars bounce back at an odd angle there is nothing to hit.


I'll get some photos when I get home.


Thanks Smitty!!!!

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fordman 4/13/16

pix of the elastic box... and of TE's elastic under track modd...

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