So fresh & new I'm gathering cars and parts

WolfHound Monday, 9/11/2023

Hi all,

just want to say hi and thank you to redline derby.

i have been lurking the site for last few weeks after my son started collecting hot wheels and i found a few races on the you tube.

After watchin many races from various people from here I decided to try build a track to get me back in to modeling... used to have a OO/HO train set.

im only at the gathering parts stage like orange track and hard to find for me crash racers wide track.. mainly needed for the banked curves and some lined straights.

Just wanted to intoduce myself. and say top o the mornin to ya all.


I'm noob too! Still trying to figure out the go fast part!

Good luck with your track!


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dr_dodge 9/11/23


this my rookie year, (of many

first (crappy) cars went to 3d, been entering crappy cars ever since

(I Think) I built ~17 cars and have one more in line to finish this year,

and every host has been super cool to work with,

and I am getting submitted cars back!

like my birthday, randomly in the

I also do HO trains.  The backdrop of Jamestown bypass is 10 years of scratch building the layout.

HO/OO stuff works real well as background scenery stuff

as far as tracks,

there are plenty of alternatives, locally find-able, then crash track, too

plenty of old threads on that stuff

again, welcome!


  • Nice! I just picked up an S gauge train and a few sections of track... supposedly a little closer to 1/64 scale. Never had one that size so ot should ne interesting! — Stoopid_Fish_Racing
  • you could kitbash HO as a narrow gauge, I am gonna do a vid on outragous HO track radius' My trolley is HO flex and 1"-3" radius, the floating logging road close to the same. easily combinable — dr_dodge
  • I think Mark at Gravity Throttle is using S, maybe he can weigh in, his track work is beautiful, and a gopro will fit better than HO — dr_dodge
  • Are We Trackin"? — dr_dodge
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StrayDog 9/11/23

Lot of us rookies here. I'm still getting my first couple cars finished up, and then will be worrying about track (once I manage to find space for one!)

  • Awesome! Be sure to post up a pic or two... love to see what us noobs are getting done! — Stoopid_Fish_Racing
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Kingjester 9/11/23

Well hello and welcome to hobby, us rookies gotta look out for eachother but let me assure you everyone here is very welcoming and if you any sort of questions feel free to ask away, greetings from your neighborhood jester who happens to be a king 

  • Ding, Ding, Ding! Yes indeed... everyone has been super helpful with my noob questions. And lots of useful stuff in the archives as well... a great place to spend some time reading up on this racing thing! — Stoopid_Fish_Racing

Welcome to the club, rook.

my crew call themselves the 0utsiders, we hail from parts unknown...for now.

yeah, there's alotta new crews and groups out here.. 
See you on the streets dawg, let's see if you can hang!

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redlinederby 9/12/23
Site manager

Welcome to the scene, WolfHound! Glad you found us and hope you can use the website to make your racing more fun and exciting. 

As you've probably seen...this is a group that loves to help and discuss all things competitive racing so don't be shy with your questions, builds, photos, and stories.

You might be a rookie but everyone can be an inspiration around these parts!

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