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LeagueofSpeed Friday, 1/17/2020

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Go_Time 1/17/20

WOW!  Short, but great and informative video.  When I see videos like this it truly reminds me of how much I dont know and have to learn.  Thank you for the vid Sir.

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redlinederby 1/18/20
Site manager

Wow. Nice job, good insight. Looking forward to more episodes.

And tells me I don't have anywhere near the dedication or patience to make top speed cars (explains why I lose a lot). I'm not sure I have enough FTEs to be considered a "farm" anyway...I gotta use what I got and hope for the best.

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Chrisw 1/25/20

Appreciate it League of speed. Thank you for the great information and strong tips when it comes to building a car from ground up for people to understand. If a person does not have sandpaper ,  can you use a files?  not to be too abrasive but to get wheels tru and tuned  and for the chassis too as well?

  • I guess you could...I use files for my metal chassis and wheel well work — LeagueofSpeed

How many times do u recommend for 280 grit


  • got a iPad holder that attaches to the back of the chair...iPad is right beside my head — LeagueofSpeed
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Go_Time 1/25/20

Another great vid, I also sand wheels but in a much different way.  Its awesome to see how folks do things differently. I would love to see a video on weight placement as this seems to be my Achilles heel (among other things)...thanks for the vids Sir!

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ChiefWopahoo 1/29/20
2020 Rated Rookie

Great information!! Much appreciated!! Looking forward to watching and learning more,

- Bruno

Really enjoyed the video's!



  • Oh yeah...not quite the sound it makes when it happens:( — LeagueofSpeed

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