Speed Testing 3 Different Custom Axles

WidowmakerRun Saturday, 5/30/2020

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I will post times from a drag strip track tomorrow.  I used 3 identical metal base C6R cars.  Axle tubes on all.  1 with stock hot wheels axle, 1 with stainless steel head pins, and 1 with nickel plated steel dressmaker pins.

I also used Bob Smith super glue.  I only used the accelerator on the axle tubes, but it fully cured in under 2 minutes!  Without the accelerator, it fully cures in just 2 hours.

Here are pictures of everything so far.


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Chaos_Canyon 5/30/20

Nice. Looking forward to seeing your results. Did you run a baseline with the cars as they were first?

I have more cars that are stock, and will run 1 of them as a baseline.  They are all made from the factory with the imitation redline wheels, but those are usually slow compared to the 5 spoke wheels.

The main purpose of this test was not to improve speed over a stock car, but to see what is the fastest axle that I have in my inventory when I modify any car.

  • Yep, I am a big fan of testing and experimenting. So will look forward to your results and thoughts. — CutRock_R_Marc_D
  • Use all the stocks u can. Some maybe exceptionally good or bad so its better to have an average. — SavageSpeeder

Here are the results.  Use the information as you wish.

Basically stock axles are best BUT the stainless steel ones are almost identical and cost much less.

Nickel plated pins were slowest, but the pin heads look fantastic.  I will use them exclusively for real rider customs.

  • What kind of track are you running the on? — BlueLineRacing
  • Thanks for sharing your test session. Always interesting. Great to see the mind ticking over for all different sorts of things to experiment with! Cheers — CutRock_R_Marc_D
  • Thanks for the info man. Been putting off tubes because I'm still new but this is a nice lil nugget of knowledge — dribblybob

Its about 28 feet long drag strip.  About 36" elevation and 22 feet of runout....just guessing, have not measured recently.  Two single Lanes of normal hot wheels orange track.

Dribblybob - this was my 1st try using axle tubes.  The results as shown are very consistent, so i am hooked on axle tubes forever !

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Go_Time 5/31/20

Hello, good job with the experiment. If I may, here are some ideas I was kicking around but haven't had a chance to try yet...maybe you can try it.  Here we go. First is a stainless steel tube that is the same dia. as regular HW axles, then a simple pin thin enough to fit in the tube ends with some super glue to hold them in.  I got the tube just haven't hat time to make the axles.  See pics.

Next, look at orthodontic clasps.  I was gonna use these in the same way you made the "axle tubes"  the clasps have a rounded "ball" end and in theory should spin extremely fast and free as there is very little resistance on the wheel from the ball end.  See pic.

Just some ideas to try...good luck.

Tubes dont sound like a good idea....clasps do but are expensive, 100 pack for $16.   If i was doing timed drag races I would, but i have an open lane road course, so for me the cars just need to roll well, I dont need every last thousandth of a second of speed.  Great idea for someone who would benefit more though.

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Go_Time 6/7/20

This may not be what widowmaker is looking for, and it may or may not work? But anyone that wants to be competitive better start thinking outside the box. You guys think League of Speed, Redpill, 41-14, TE, NDR, MDG, Voxxer, and so many others aren't thinking of new ways to "smoke the competition" ?...just saying!  Good luck.

  • I thoroughly agree with you! I like to research everywhere, and see how it "could?" be applicable to finding speed, and something different. Can be a lot of trial and (lot of) error! Cheers — CutRock_R_Marc_D
  • Well said Go Time...years of experience in those names mentioned — LeagueofSpeed

I bought 100 of each size of the dental ball clasps on Ebay....the .028 size and .032 size.

I will test it out this weekend and add results.

I received the orthodontic clasps today....the 0.32 is definitely the way to go, as there is now very little play in the wheel.  Just by placing a random wheel on and spinning with my finger, the 0.28 diameter axle, the wheel spun for about 5 seconds, with a lot of wobble/vibration.  On the 0.32 axle, no wobble or vibration, very smooth, spun 7 to 8 seconds, and has very little play at all, I would say these are the largest axle diameter to use, as anything larger, might cause binding of the wheel, but if someone finds 0.33 to 0.35 axles, go ahead and test them out.

Hopefully, I can test these tonight and post the results, if not, definitely this weekend.  I will use another C6R just like I did above in the previous tests.

  • Should be interesting. I never did build a full axle with the clasps but I did polish, and graphite...the wheel spun forever. I also sanded the "outer ball" end so when installed it looked like a regular axle. Hope it works out for you. — Go_Time

I will do 1 car with the clasps out of the package, and 2 polished axle car, 1 with diamond polish and other with blue magic polish.

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NDeavers80 8/9/20

Very interesting article I like the ball end on the clasps. I do have an idea that might make an improvement on assembly haven't tried it yet but a couple weeks ago I was putting together a lawnmower, I know odd but inspiration can come from anywhere, put a convexed washer against the inside of the wheel between the wheel and tube. 

  • I've seen someone else put washers in their cars. They said it helped with noise & spacing. Not sure about track times though. — Blipside
  • Yes I've heard of washers being used but I'm not talking about flat washers I'm thinking if this is the base "l" the use a washer like this "l)" if that makes sense. So you would have base washer than wheel like this "l)(" again I hope in text that makes sense — NDeavers80

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